Upgrade coffee espresso machine car heating portable mini coffee cup

2020 Upgrade coffee espresso machine car heating portable mini coffee cup home travel espresso machine capsule

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Brand: NICOH Model: NK-B60 Item No.: NK-B60 Coffee machine type: semi-automatic Coffee machine principle: pump type Capacity: 5 cups or less Style: Italian Rated voltage: 12 V/8A Rated power: 80 W Weight: 600g Applicable number: 2 Coffee machine capacity: 60ml Body material: plastic Coffee Maker Category: Italian Mode of operation: one-button operation LCD display: none Is there insulation function: No Coffee machine type: Italian Is there an automatic cleaning function: not supported Smart type: does not support intelligence Whether to plug in: No Features: 1. Car portable coffee machine, car heating one-button extraction, a cup of fragrant coffee with you; 2. It is the preference of business people and white-collar workers of the company, giving you the courage and confidence to accompany you to success; 3. The machine produces 15BAR gold pressure, high-pressure steam quickly penetrates the coffee raw material, fully extracts and releases the rich oil essence, and restores the positive flavor of the alcohol; 4. A variety of machine compatibility (machines are carefully equipped with portable toner cartridges, N-plate capsules, N-plate capsules, D-plate capsules), and you can choose materials to match. Suitable for coffee powder, D version (Dolce Gusto) coffee capsules, N version (Nespresso) coffee capsules; 5. Vacuum coffee powder box, lock the fresh fragrance of coffee powder, reuse environmental protection; 6. With milk foam machine, fancy modulation, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, American coffee, Kangbao blue, Afjiadu, enrich your imagination, so that the taste is no longer single; 7. The machine is strict with details and pursues high quality. The machine is equipped with an electronic intelligent temperature sensor to automatically detect the water temperature, ensuring the proper temperature for brewing coffee, allowing you to wait for delicious coffee; fine mesh, high pressure extraction without leakage; 8. Quanwei certification: FCC certification, FDA certification, CE certification. Let you rest assured to buy, the charm of electronic shopping!


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