Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 32oz Iced Coffee Glass Pitcher for a Refreshing Cold Brew Experience ☕❄️

The 32oz glass pitcher, equipped with a sealing removable filter, ensures a flawless brewing process and easy pouring. The well-crafted handle and limited spout eliminate the hassle of spills, making it a practical choice for serving coffee at any occasion.

The innovative design, featuring classic glass and stainless steel elements, not only brews an exceptional cold brew but also adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen.

Say goodbye to coffee granules in your drink – the removable mesh filter guarantees a seamless brewing experience, resulting in a consistently delightful cold brew.

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The Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the ultimate companion for coffee lovers who crave the refreshing taste of iced coffee. Its 32oz glass pitcher is not only visually appealing but also functional, allowing for a perfect pour without the worry of spills.

Ideal for warm summer days or as a delightful pick-me-up during any season, this coffee maker effortlessly brews 4-5 servings of smooth and flavorful cold brew. The sealing removable filter ensures a hassle-free brewing process, preventing coffee granules from infiltrating your drink.

Once the brewing is complete, remove the filter, store the pitcher in the fridge, and enjoy a cold brew whenever you desire – a simple and stylish solution for a consistent coffee experience.

Perfect Pour Design: Experience the art of pouring with the Cold Brew Coffee Maker’s 1 Quart capacity and a carefully crafted handle. The limited spout ensures easy and clean pouring, eliminating the stress of coffee spills. Whether you’re serving guests or enjoying a cup on your own, the perfect pour design adds a touch of convenience to your coffee ritual.

Filtering Excellence: Elevate your cold brew experience with the high-quality removable mesh filter. This innovative filter is the secret behind achieving a perfectly smooth cold brew. Say goodbye to unwanted coffee granules in your drink – the filter effectively keeps them out, ensuring a consistently delightful and grit-free cold brew every time.

Easy Brewing Process: Brewing your favorite cold brew has never been easier. The Cold Brew Coffee Maker simplifies the process – insert your coffee grounds, let it brew, and when it’s ready, remove the BPA-Free filter. The sealing removable filter not only makes brewing a breeze but also facilitates effortless cleanup.

Classic Glass and Stainless Steel Charm: Beyond its brewing capabilities, the Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a charming addition to your kitchen. The classic glass and stainless steel design make it an attractive glass pitcher that can be proudly displayed on your table or countertop. Its timeless aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your coffee-brewing routine.

Durable and Shatterproof: The Cold Brew Coffee Maker is crafted from durable, shatterproof glass, ensuring longevity and reliability. Brew with confidence, knowing that this pitcher can withstand the demands of regular use. Its sturdy construction makes it a reliable companion for your daily coffee rituals.

Generous 32oz Capacity: Brew to your heart’s content with the generous 32oz capacity of the glass pitcher. This Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows you to prepare 4-5 servings, making it perfect for entertaining guests or keeping a steady supply of cold brew in the fridge for your personal enjoyment.

Sealing Removable Filter: The sealing removable filter not only prevents coffee granules from entering your drink but also facilitates a seamless transition from brewing to serving. After brewing, simply remove the filter, pour out the coffee grounds, and place the filter back in the pitcher for convenient storage in the fridge.

Triple Threat Elegance: The Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a triple threat – a powerful brewer, an attractive glass pitcher, and a stylish addition to your kitchen. Elevate your cold brew experience with this versatile and elegant coffee maker that combines functionality with timeless design.

Feature Specification
Pitcher Capacity 32oz
Filter Type Sealing Removable Mesh Filter
Material Shatterproof Glass, Stainless Steel
Design Classic Glass Pitcher
Cleaning BPA-Free Filter, Easy Cleanup
Use Case Ideal for Cold Brew, Iced Coffee
Pouring Mechanism Limited Spout for Perfect Pour


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