MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Combo in Lotus White – Includes Grinder, Milk Frother & MB-cm-G Milk Container

The dynamic brewing system and quiet steel grinder create an aromatic symphony that elevates each cup. The BrilliantLight LED light adds a touch of elegance to the brewing process. The versatility of this machine is unmatched – from rich espressos to creamy milk froth for lattes, it caters to every craving.

The OneTouch for Two feature simplifies drink preparation, while the ability to save personalized profiles ensures that every cup is precisely tailored to my taste. The inclusion of WiFiConnect adds a modern touch, allowing seamless communication with the machine.

The MB-cm-G Glass Milk Container, with its generous capacity, makes crafting specialty drinks a joy. It’s not just a coffee maker; it’s a complete coffee experience.

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The MilkPerfection Automatic Wifi Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Combo is your ticket to a coffee paradise. Whether you’re starting your day with a bold espresso, enjoying a comforting latte, or entertaining guests with a pot of freshly brewed coffee, this combo has you covered.

The dynamic brewing system, paired with the gentle BrilliantLight LED, sets the stage for a sensory journey. Thanks to the OneTouch for Two feature, preparing two drinks is a breeze, making it ideal for busy mornings or social gatherings.

With WiFiConnect, communication is seamless, and the DoubleShot function allows you to double the joy with each beverage. The included MB-cm-G Glass Milk Container ensures that crafting creamy milk froth is as easy as it is delightful.

Dynamic AromaticSystem: β˜•πŸ”„ The MilkPerfection CM 6160 boasts a dynamic AromaticSystem, ensuring that every cup of coffee is a masterpiece. The wear-resistant steel grinder guarantees a consistent grind, contributing to the rich aroma that defines the perfect brew. The BrilliantLight LED light adds a touch of sophistication, turning the coffee-making process into a visual and sensory delight.

Versatile Drink Options: 🌈🍡 From classic coffee to invigorating espresso and creamy frothed milk, this combo allows you to explore a plethora of drink options. The included coffee pot expands your brewing capabilities, letting you prepare up to 8 cups at once. In expert mode, you have control over grind and water quantity, giving you the power to tailor each cup to your exact preferences.

OneTouch for Two Convenience: πŸ‘†βœŒοΈ Simplify your coffee routine with the OneTouch for Two feature. With a single touch, you can create two specialty drinks simultaneously, making it the perfect choice for busy mornings or when hosting friends. This intuitive function streamlines the brewing process, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite beverages with minimal effort.

WiFiConnect and DoubleShot Functionality: πŸ“ΆπŸ”„ The inclusion of WiFiConnect brings modern convenience to your countertop. Communicate effortlessly with your coffee maker, enhancing the user experience. The DoubleShot function allows you to prepare each beverage in double the quantity, perfect for those moments when one cup just isn’t enough.

MB-cm-G Glass Milk Container: πŸ₯›πŸŒ Craft velvety milk froth with the MB-cm-G Glass Milk Container. With a generous capacity of 33.8 oz (0.7 liters), this glass container is designed for intense appliance use. It’s the perfect addition to your coffee-making arsenal, ensuring that every latte or cappuccino is crowned with smooth and creamy frothed milk.

Suitable for All CM Countertop Coffee Machines: βš™οΈπŸ†• The MB-cm-G Glass Milk Container is compatible with all Miele CM countertop coffee machines. Its universal design ensures that you can seamlessly integrate it into your coffee setup, whether you’re using the MilkPerfection CM 6160 or any other model from the CM series.

Second Container for Intense Appliance Use: πŸ”„πŸ”— The MB-cm-G serves as a second container, providing the flexibility needed for intense appliance use. Whether you’re a daily coffee connoisseur or love to experiment with various drinks, having a second container ensures that you can switch between different types of milk without missing a beat.

Capacity and Convenience: πŸ“βš™οΈ With a capacity of 33.8 oz (0.7 liters), the MB-cm-G Glass Milk Container strikes the perfect balance between ample capacity and convenient use. Its size makes it suitable for regular home use, and the glass construction ensures that you can monitor the frothing process with ease.

Feature Specification
AromaticSystem Dynamic Brewing System with Wear-Resistant Steel Grinder
Drink Options Coffee, Espresso, Hot Milk, Specialty Drinks, Coffee Pot
OneTouch for Two Yes, Up to 4 Individual Connoisseur Profiles
WiFiConnect Yes
DoubleShot Function Yes
MB-cm-G Glass Milk Container 33.8 oz (0.7 liters)
Compatibility All Miele CM Countertop Coffee Machines


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