Machine Portable Outdoor Travel Coffee Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Manual Espresso Machine Portable Outdoor Travel Coffee Coffee Machine

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Product Name:Portable Coffee Machine
Coffee powder capacity:8G
Power supply:1-2A
Built-in lithium battery capacity:2600mA
One-button start, automatic extraction:the extraction process can be started with a single tap of the finger
Automatic extraction system, feeling a moment:On a sunny afternoon, the smell of coffee is scattered throughout the air, slowly drinking, fine products, under the precipitation of coffee and sunlight, feel the moment
The time of 25-30S ensures uniform extraction, so that each coffee powder can be fully penetrated, and the color and delicateness are just right.Through electric technology, the coffee machine can provide constant pressure of 18 BAR, and it can extract the espresso with rich fat, rich flavor and bright color.Whether traveling on a business trip or a country walk, even a mountain camping or polar skiing, the portable coffee machine can satisfy your unexpected coffee addiction.
colour:Black + blue
Material:No BPA
Package Contents:
1* coffee machine
1 set *coffee powder components
1*USB cable


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