Lavazza Coffee Maker Classy Pro LB1201 & 100-Pack Blue Capsules Bundle – Barista-Level Coffee Experience at Home

Imagine stepping into your kitchen, feeling the anticipation of that perfect cup of coffee, and with just a touch of a button, you become the barista of your dreams. The Lavazza Coffee Maker Classy Pro LB1201, bundled with 100 Blue Capsules, brings the café experience directly to your home. This coffee maker is perfect for small to medium-sized companies, large households, or anyone who craves exceptional coffee, espresso, and other delightful coffee creations. With the Lavazza LB1201, you can enjoy the authentic Italian flavors of Lavazza coffee without leaving your home.

Barista-Style Coffee at Home ☕🏡 With the Lavazza Coffee Maker Classy Pro LB1201, you can indulge in the rich, aromatic flavors of authentic Italian coffee without the need for a professional barista. It’s like having a café in your kitchen.

Variety of Coffee Creations 🌈☕ This coffee maker is versatile, offering a range of coffee options, including espresso, ristretto, café latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and more. You can customize your coffee experience to suit your mood.


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Ideal for Home and Office 🏢🏡 Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee at home or need a caffeine boost in the office, the Lavazza LB1201 caters to your coffee cravings. It’s perfect for both personal use and sharing with colleagues.

Direct Water Connection 🚰 The LB1201 offers a direct water connection option, eliminating the hassle of constantly refilling the tank. It ensures a smooth coffee-making experience without interruptions.

Large Water Tank 🌊 The 18.6 fl oz water tank ensures that you can serve multiple cups of coffee without worrying about running out of water. It’s perfect for those who entertain guests or have a coffee-loving family.

Bundle of Blue Capsules 🔵🎉 The bundle includes 100 Blue Capsules, with 50 each of Decaf and Caffe Crema. You’ll have a delightful coffee supply at your disposal, making it convenient for your daily caffeine fix.

Quality Assurance ✅👍 Lavazza is a renowned brand known for its exceptional coffee quality. By choosing the LB1201, you’re investing in a product backed by Lavazza’s commitment to excellence.

Saves Time and Money ⏰💰 No more waiting in long café lines or spending money on daily coffee runs. With the Lavazza LB1201, you can enjoy barista-level coffee at a fraction of the cost.

No Compatibility Issues 🚫❌ This coffee maker is compatible ONLY with Lavazza Blue & Expert Capsules, ensuring that you get the authentic Lavazza coffee experience every time you brew. Say goodbye to compatibility issues.

In summary, the Lavazza Coffee Maker Classy Pro LB1201 & 100-Pack Blue Capsules Bundle is the ultimate solution for coffee enthusiasts. It’s an investment in quality, convenience, and the pure joy of savoring Italian coffee at your fingertips. Become your own barista and elevate your coffee experience with Lavazza. ☕🎯

Specifically designed for Lavazza Blue Machine so it might solely be brewed through the use of our secret technique for acquiring enriched flavour and freshness.

To safe and maintain the flavours and aromas of freshly grinded beans, our LAVAZZA Blue Coffee cups are packed in a sealed setting inside a protecting environment.

16/20 espresso buying households in Italy select Lavazza. We’re dedicated to excellence since 1895, have been delivering happiness in each cup for over 125 years and counting.


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