LOVSHARE Cream Filling Machine 50-500ml Volume

-Programmed Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine one Nozzle for 50ml-500ml; Filling speed: 5-20 Bottles/min; Capacity of container: 30L

-Level filling machine. Pedal control accessible. programmed and manual switch, Emergency stop switch, You could stop and begin the machine whenever

-High precision fillingļ¼ŒFilling volume and speed can be discretionary regulationļ¼Œ Semi-programmed filling machine cylinder filler. Driven by a barrel and cylinder produced using materials with one-way valves control the stream of materials, and attractive reed switch control chamber agenda can be controlled filling volume

-Straightforward and sensible structure is, simple operation. Every one of the parts that will contact the materials were made of 304 stainless steel, substantial degree chrome plating auxiliary parts, viably avert rust and stuck;


LOVSHARE Cream Filling Machine 50-500ml Volume Liquid Filler 30L Pedal Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine for Paste High-viscosity Single Head Horizontal Semi-auto Filling Machine with Funnel (50-500ml).


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