Water/ice drip coffee maker(best price and best quality),600cc

Water/ice drip coffee maker(best price and best quality), 600cc, rose wood pillar factory directly sale

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  • Type:¬†Drip Coffee Maker¬†
  • Brand Name:¬†skywinner
  • Function:¬†Japan Style
  • Capacity (Cup):¬†<5 cups
  • Certification:¬†CE
  • Item name:¬†Ice/water drip coffee maker
  • Net weight:¬†2.5kgs
  • product size:¬†24*15*57cm
  • capaicty:¬†600cc
  • Place of Origin:¬†Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Product dimensions: 24 cm x 15 cm x 57 cm
Net weight: 2 KG
Dimensions (in deluxe packaging): 34 cm x 26 cm x 18.5 cm
Product weight (including packaging): 2.5 KG
Capacity: 600 cc
Main materials used: glass with rosewood pillar

Accessories:  filter screen, cleaning cloth and measuring spoon


Using cold water and takes 6~12hours for extraction.Make your own unique flavor coffee and taste the wine of coffee.

<The origin of Dutch Coffee>
It’s the extraction method found out by former dutch colonial merchants to keep and drink coffee for a long time during the transportation of coffee from Indonesia to Europe.

<The features of Dutch Coffee>
* For extraction, drop the cold water at room temperature for 6~12 hours.
* It has almost no caffein which is comes out over 70.
* It has less astrigent taste and less tannin which is come out between 20~70.
* It tastes like plenty of fruit with smooth flavor and lasts long time.
* The matured coffee by one day or so, tastes like wine which is full of aroma and unique taste. That’s why people called it as the wine of coffee.
* Producing high quality coffee for my own taste and aroma.
* Keep refrigerator until 7days by best condition.

* Best for iced coffee!


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