Vintage Glass Jar Canister Set – 23.5oz, Set of 2 🌸✨

These jars not only boast a charming retro design but also offer premium functionality. Crafted from thick, lead-free, and BPA-free glass, they ensure the safety of my stored items.

The airtight seal, complemented by a PP gasket, keeps my ingredients fresh for extended periods. The exquisite plum blossom pattern adds a touch of elegance, making these jars not just containers but decorative pieces.

From storing cookies and coffee to showcasing dried flowers, these jars have become the versatile and stylish storage solution I never knew I needed.

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Transform your kitchen into a haven of organization and style with Livejun’s Vintage Glass Jar Canister Set. Perfect for storing a variety of kitchen essentials, these jars are a delightful blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The airtight seal, enhanced by the PP gasket, ensures that your coffee, flour, sugar, or any other items stay fresh for an extended period. The versatile 23.5oz size makes them ideal for a range of uses, from practical storage to showcasing dried flowers.

Premium Glass for Daily Durability: Livejun’s Vintage Glass Jar Canister Set is crafted from premium glass, making it not only a stylish addition to your kitchen but also a durable solution for daily use. The thick glass construction ensures longevity, surpassing the safety of plastic alternatives. Say goodbye to concerns about harmful chemicals, as these jars are lead-free and BPA-free.

Charming Retro Design: Add a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen counter or pantry with the exquisite plum blossom pattern of these glass canisters. The retro design is not just functional but also a decorative centerpiece that enhances the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Airtight Seal for Freshness: The inclusion of a PP gasket around the press glass caps ensures an airtight seal, preserving the freshness of your stored items. Whether it’s cookies, coffee, flour, or rice, these canisters keep your pantry essentials in optimal condition for an extended period.

Versatile Functional Storage: Embrace the versatility of these airtight canning jars. Use them to store a wide range of items, from snacks like cookies to kitchen staples like coffee, flour, and sugar. The functional design caters to diverse storage needs, bringing order and convenience to your kitchen.

Stylish Adornment for Home Decor: Beyond their practical use, Livejun’s glass storage bottles serve as stylish adornments for various home decor styles. Elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen, restaurant, hotel, bar, or any exhibition with these versatile jars that seamlessly blend functionality with elegance.

Perfect Size for Any Occasion: With dimensions of 5.51×3.8 inches and a net weight of 460g, these jars strike the perfect balance between size and functionality. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or enhancing your everyday routine, the Livejun Vintage Glass Jar Canister Set is the ideal size for any kitchen adventure.

Creative and Fashionable Gift: Surprise your loved ones with a creative and fashionable gift that transcends the ordinary. These vintage-inspired glass jars make for an exquisite present for friends, family, or anyone passionate about kitchen organization and decor.

Multi-Role Decor for Various Scenes: These glass storage bottles aren’t just limited to the kitchen. Their versatile design makes them suitable for decorating various scenes, including kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bars, exhibitions, and any other occasion where style and functionality are appreciated.

Feature Specification
Material Premium glass
Capacity 23.5oz (Set of 2)
Seal Design Airtight seal with PP gasket
Safety Lead-free and BPA-free
Design Vintage plum blossom pattern
Versatility Multi-functional storage for snacks, coffee, flour, etc.
Size 5.51×3.8 inches


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