UUQ 12oz Reusable Coffee Mug, Shatterproof Insulated light weight Coffee Cup

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UUQ 12oz Reusable Coffee Mug, Shatterproof Insulated light weight Coffee Cup, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Leak Proof Silicone Lid & Non-Slip Silicone Eco coffee cups (Light Grey). 

  • A STYLISHLY DESIGNED CUP-that is likewise eco-accommodating. Say farewell to inefficient not really expendable (regarding the planet) espresso glasses. The UUQ reusable Coffee Cup will last you an espresso drinking lifetime. Made from strong biodegradable PLA plastic, the UUQ Coffee Cup is the container for the individuals who appreciate quality living but don’t figure it should cost the earth.
  • DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND. The UUQ Coffee Cup offers a protected espresso drinking background. Made of shatterproof 100% BPA free materials – it is dishwasher and microwave benevolent. The hole proof close-seal top and plug guarantee against unintentional spillage when on the go.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH MULTIPLE DRINKING WAYS. The UUQ Coffee Cup – is intended to fit serenely in you hand. What’s more, is big enough to hold a not too bad estimated espresso ( 12oz ). The finished silicone hold rings acts, with its lovely non-slip feel, as a separator giving additional security from the most sizzling blend. Also, together with 3 drinking strategies, UUQ espresso mug gives all round open to drinking experience.
  • RECYCLABLE PACKAGING EVER WITH ECO-CONCERNS. The UUQ Coffee Cup comes stuffed in a basic recyclable bundling made itself from reused paper, guaranteeing it won’t make any harm our environment.
  • So sure are we that you will love your UUQ Coffee Cup we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GURAANTEE – in the event that you are not completely fulfilled. In any case, you will be – make the most of your coffee.


  • The UUQ Coffee Cup is an excellent protest with an ideal mix of feel and science-we at UUQ have confidence in giving you the best of both.
  • We’re greatly pleased to remain behind the outline, quality, materials that go into each UUQ item.
  • Our reusable espresso mug with its ergonomic plan sits pleasantly in your grasp –
  • its protecting silicone non-slip grasp’s charming feel makes taking care of the most sultry espresso agreeable and safe.
  • The glass holds a decent 12oz (340ml) of espresso inside its strong BPA free materials – topped with a biodegradable PLA plastic top
  • that is composed with a sheltered and secure watertight seal. You’ll appreciate the two its looks – and its usefulness.
  • Utilizing UUQ mugs does your bit for condition – and lessens a portion of the wellbeing dangers related with Styrofoam for yourself mugs.
  • We at UUQ accept manageable biological business can be beneficial – with the UUQ Reusable Coffee Cup – it is – for every one of us.

Benefits and Features

  • 1). Biodegradable Safety PLA plastic, BPA FREE
  • 2). Shatterproof light weight travel mug
  • 3). Dishwasher and microwave inviting
  • 4). Comes in light dim and blue-green shading alternatives
  • 5). 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • We are certain at UUQ you won’t locate a superior reusable espresso mug available – and at a focused cost.



Additional information

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 5.75 × 3.86 × 3.78 cm





Light Grey








12oz (340ml)


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