Upgrade Your Espresso Game with 54mm Aluminum Alloy Espresso Dosing Funnel

Introducing the 54mm Espresso Dosing Funnel, meticulously crafted for Breville espresso machines. Made from premium aluminum alloy, this dosing funnel is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability. Say goodbye to wasted coffee and enjoy every precious drop, as this funnel provides a secure and precise fit for your Breville machine.

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It effectively channels the coffee grounds into the portafilter, eliminating any mess or spills. Enhance your coffee brewing experience and maintain the integrity of your cherished espresso with the 54mm Espresso Dosing Funnel, the perfect accessory for any Breville coffee lover.

Helps gather and tamp your entire espresso grounds in your Breville 54mm portafilter with ease, the grounds will be tamped with out eradicating the dosing funnel.

Specifically designed to work with Breville Barista Specific, Barista Contact, Barista Professional, Infuser, Duo Temp professional.

Merely twists to lock onto your 54mm Breville portafilter and sits securely on the portafilter below the built-in grinder for a hands-free grinding session.

Simple to carry a full 21 gram shot, nice for espresso grinding, keep away from spillages, no extra waste your espresso with this 54mm Dosing funnel.




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