Unleash Spooky Creativity with Konsait Halloween Cookie Stencil Set – 31 Reusable Patterns for Festive Cake and Coffee Decorating

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with the Konsait Halloween Cookie Stencil Set, a 31-piece bundle of spooky delight! This set features an array of 31 different patterns, including skeletons, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and more, perfect for DIY cake, cookies, or bread decor during your Halloween celebrations. Each reusable stencil measures 11×8.5cm, providing the ideal canvas for your creative pastry endeavors.

Made from durable and eco-friendly PET plastic, these stencils ensure safety with no sharp edges, making them suitable for everyone—kids, women, and men alike. Whether you’re decorating desserts, making cards, or indulging in various art and craft projects, these stencils are versatile, easy to use, and a safe addition to your Halloween festivities.

🎃 31 Spooky Patterns: The Konsait Halloween Cookie Stencil Set boasts a collection of 31 spooky patterns, featuring skeletons, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and more. Elevate your Halloween celebrations with a variety of options for cake, cookies, or bread decor.

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🔄 Reusable and Washable: Made from durable and eco-friendly PET plastic, these stencils are reusable and washable, providing a sustainable and long-lasting solution for your festive baking and decorating needs. Reduce waste and embrace eco-friendly crafting.

🚫 No Sharp Edges – Safe for All Ages: With no sharp edges, these stencils are non-toxic and safe for children, women, and men. Ensure a worry-free creative experience for the whole family during Halloween festivities.

🍰 Versatile Usage: Beyond baking, these stencils offer versatility in decorating desserts, candies, fondant, and more. Use them for painting, card-making, scrapbooking, airbrushing, wall decorations, or even on the human body for unique DIY creations.

🎨 Easy to Use: Suitable for women, men, and children, the Halloween cookie stencils are incredibly easy to use. Simply sprinkle sugar or food coloring through the template, or use a color brush for precise detailing. The patterns you desire will be clearly displayed, making it a fun and practical tool for all.

🎨 Fun and Practical: Inject a dose of fun and practicality into your Halloween preparations with these stencils. From spray painting to detailed brushwork, these stencils make the creative process enjoyable and straightforward.

🍰 Wide Application: The Halloween cake stencils cater to a wide range of applications, including cake decoration, bread embellishment, cookie design, coffee garnishing, and more. Let your imagination run wild and explore the many ways to enhance your Halloween treats.

🧠 Boost Creativity in Children: These stencils not only contribute to festive decorations but also help children develop intelligence, creativity, practical skills, and imagination. Engage in Halloween crafting activities that promote learning and creativity in a fun and enjoyable manner.


Feature Description
Patterns 31 Spooky Halloween Patterns
Material Reusable and Washable PET Plastic
Safety No Sharp Edges, Non-Toxic for All Ages
Versatility Suitable for Cake, Cookies, Bread, and More
Usage Baking, Decorating, Painting, Scrapbooking, DIY Crafts
Ease of Use Simple Sprinkle or Paint Through the Template
Application Cake Decoration, Bread Embellishment, Cookie Design
Educational Benefits Boosts Creativity, Develops Intelligence in Children

Elevate your Halloween festivities with the Konsait Halloween Cookie Stencil Set, a 31-piece collection of spooky delight! With an array of 31 patterns, this reusable and washable set provides endless possibilities for creative cake, cookie, and bread decorations. Crafted from safe and eco-friendly PET plastic, the stencils are suitable for all ages, ensuring a worry-free creative experience.

Versatile in application, these stencils go beyond baking, offering options for painting, scrapbooking, and DIY crafts. Their ease of use makes them suitable for everyone, from children to adults. Embrace sustainability with these washable stencils, reduce waste, and infuse educational benefits into your Halloween preparations by boosting creativity and imagination in children. Add a touch of spooky fun and practicality to your Halloween creations with this versatile and safe cookie stencil set.


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