UMIRRO Drinks Coasters for Coffee Table Decor – Set of 4 Rustic Retro Boho Farmhouse Coasters

Elevate your coffee table decor with UMIRRO Drinks Coasters, a set of 4 rustic retro Boho farmhouse coasters designed to escape the ordinary. These unique coasters feature an octagon shape, charming reliefs, and a versatile design, allowing you to play with colors, patterns, and materials to give your table a fresh and modern look every day.

With their clever stackable design, they don’t require a holder and are always ready for use. These coasters go beyond protection; they’re a conversation starter, memory enhancer for your guests, and a stylish addition to your tabletop and home decor. Embrace the versatility, creativity, and elegance these coasters bring to your living space.

🪑 Escape the Ordinary: UMIRRO Drinks Coasters redefine the conventional coaster with their special octagon shape, intricate reliefs, and flexible design. These coasters invite you to play with color, pattern, and materials, ensuring your table has a unique, modern look every day.

🪚 Respect Your Furniture: Protect your wooden table from spills and permanent damage with these coasters. Their 1/5″ thick felt pad can absorb up to 1/4 cup of liquid in seconds, and the silicone base provides leak-free protection while preventing scratches and dents.

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🔄 Versatile Design: Not only can the entire coaster be flipped, but the felt insert can also reverse. This allows for different visual and tactile appeal, and you can switch between print and plain or contrast colors. Mix and match the bases with interchangeable felt inserts to give your coasters a fresh look over and over.

💬 Natural Conversation Starter: Your guests will never struggle to make small talk with these unique and varied patterns. They’ll remember their glass, making these coasters excellent conversation pieces.

🌟 Stylish Tabletop Addition: These coasters add a “wow” factor to your tabletop and home decor. They are not just functional; they are stylish decorating accessories that elevate the aesthetic of your space.

🎁 Ideal for Gifting: While they make fantastic gifts, you might just want to keep a set for yourself. UMIRRO Drinks Coasters are the ideal present for those who appreciate unique and stylish decor elements.

🎨 Endless Creativity: With a wide range of colors and motifs, these coasters offer endless opportunities for creativity and personalization, allowing you to match them perfectly with your home’s decor.

🛋️ Table Centerpiece: These coasters serve as a timeless table centerpiece that adds a touch of elegance to your living space, awakening your inner designer.

🤩 Chic Packaging: The 4-piece set comes stylishly packaged, making it an attractive addition to your home and a perfect gift option for loved ones.


Feature Description
Material Felt and Silicone
Shape Octagon
Absorption Can absorb up to 1/4 cup of liquid in seconds
Reversible Both the coaster and felt insert are reversible
Stackable Design Stackable without the need for a holder
Conversation Starter Unique and memorable patterns for great conversations
Stylish Tabletop Addition Adds a stylish “wow” factor to your tabletop and home decor
Ideal for Gifting A perfect gift for those who appreciate unique decor
Versatile Design Mix and match bases with interchangeable felt inserts
Chic Packaging Comes in a stylishly packaged 4-piece set

The best feature of UMIRRO Drinks Coasters is their versatile design. They offer the option to reverse the entire coaster and the felt insert, allowing you to switch between different visual and tactile appeals. Additionally, you can mix and match the bases with interchangeable felt inserts, giving you the flexibility to change the look of your coasters as often as you like. This adaptability and creativity make these coasters a standout choice for those who appreciate versatile decor.


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