Turkish Coffee Pot, Greek Arabic Coffee Maker

  • MULTIPLE OPTIONS The set of espresso pots consisted of 5 pots of various sizes, from one cup to five cups It’s also possible to select 1 massive pot to make 5 cups.


Turkish Coffee Pot, Greek Arabic Coffee Maker, Hammered Copper Coffee Cezve, Small Pot, Stove Top Coffee Maker (5 Pots set)

  • TURKISH COFFE POT, It is All Manufactured from Copper. Outdoors is Hammered, Utterly Handmade.Good for Turkish Coffee Pot, Greek Coffee Pot, Arabic Coffee Pot, Briki, Milk Pot, Small Sauce Pan or Butter Melter. SPECIAL DESIGN, Robust and Ergonomic Deal with, Meals Protected Tin Lining Inside.Deal with can get sizzling, please use oven mitts.
  • Capacitance: pot no 1: 2.53 oz (75 ml), pot no 2: 4.22 oz (125 ml), pot no 3: 5.07 oz (150 ml), pot no 4: 6.76 oz (200 ml), pot no 5: 8.11 oz (240 ml)


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