Tiamo water drip coffee maker/cold brew drip coffee maker/holland cold

Tiamo water drip coffee maker/cold brew drip coffee maker/holland cold drip coffee maker/cold drip tower 5-8cup wood rack

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  • Power (W): 0
  • Type: Drip Coffee Maker
  • Certification: CB
  • Voltage (V): 0
  • Capacity (Cup): 5-10 cups
  • Brand Name: skywinner
  • Model Number: HG2713
  • Item name : Tiamo water drip coffee maker /water dripper coffee maker/ice &cold dr
  • capacity: 750CC
  • Material: wooden rack+heat-resistant glass
  • people : 5-8peoples
* Rectangular Wooden Rack
* Dripping speed adjust knob
* Capacity: 5 – 8 cups / 750cc
Product Description
Tiamo HG2713 Cold drip tower 5-8 cup, Wood Rack.
Bola kaca yang bulat dan besar, membuat konsistensi dalam tetesan yang seragam dari awal sampai akhir.
Cold brew juga disebut Holland Coffee. mungkin karena dipopulerkan oleh orang belanda.
Cold drip menyeduh dengan air digin, tetes demi tetes, selama 6-12 jam.
The idea behind the cold and slow brewing method is to experience the coffee flavours without the astringency, tannins and bitterness that you usually get from a pressurised hot brew, while still extracting the chocolate, citrus and fruity notes.
These cool looking coffee makers use the classic cold-drip method to produce a full-flavored cold drip coffee. The coffee bond differently in the chemical reaction between cold and hot water and these tools will make you discover the different aspects of the coffee flavors that you could not pick trough hot water brews. Store your extraction in the fridge and drink neat in a cold glass or over ice, perfect for a hot morning or afternoon.
Our cold drippers are made of tempered glass of the highest quality.  They produce about 5-8 cups at the time. The size of the cold drip is 70by21by14 cm. This is the classic wooden cold drip look, at a price that is very hard to find anywhere else!
It’s easy – Cold brew coffee brewers are relatively simple to prepare and set up. Instead of learning proper pouring techniques, you simply ground your coffee to a coarse setting, add room temperature water, and let the two sit together in a cool place or refrigerator for a long period of time.
Low-to-Zero Acidity – Because of the milder brewing process, cold brew coffee has up to 67% less acidity than regularly brewed coffee. For people with sensitive stomachs or heartburn, cold brew reduces stomach discomfort.
Tons of Recipes – Once the cold brew concentrate is made you’ve got a whole range of options what you can do next. You can add sugar and cream for a rich morning drink. You can add sparkling water for a summer spritzer. Heck, you can even add Kahlua and make a warm after dinner cocktail. The way you drink your cold brew is only bound by your imagination.
Long Shelf Life – Cold brew coffee can be refrigerated anywhere between 7-14 days after it is brewed. If you have a very busy life, having cold brew concentrate to easily and quickly pour into your morning coffee cup can really help you get a head start on the day.


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