The COLD BREW INFUSER Coffee Maker, Infused Tea & Water

The COLD BREW INFUSER Coffee Maker, Infused Tea & Water

-OFFERING THE MOST VALUE IN COLD BREWED COFFEE! Not exclusively does this unit highlight a Ball Mason Jar and Custom Stainless Filter Basket, yet this pack separates itself with the 130 page Texas Jack’s “Icy Brew Coffee Recipes” book. Highlights a concise history and lessons on espresso from around the globe with simple to take after guidelines and more than 60 easy to make espresso, injected tea and water formulas.

-Blend LIKE A BARISTA! Envision inside hours you too will have the information and know-how to easily make your most loved claim to fame chilly mix espresso drinks, as great if not superior to anything those expensive café drinks. As low as $0.15 per serving!

-Sturdy QUALITY FOOD GRADE COMPONENTS! The trusted and indestructible 64oz Ball Widemouth Mason Jar and Stainless Lid is made of sustenance safe, without bpa materials. The custom channel bushel is made of overwhelming gage fine work stainless steel including a creative silicone seal outline which implies no espresso beans are getting in your drink. Worked to endure forever this frosty mix coffeemaker will be a hit for quite a long time to come!

-Fast, FUN and EASY OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! Easily influence the best tasting chilly to blend espresso in hours. Essentially add coarse granulate espresso to the bushel, load with water, give a little shake, soak overnight and appreciate! In the event that you are not totally fulfilled, return inside 30 days of procurement for your cash back!

-DISHWASHER SAFE! Tidy up is made simple given every one of the parts can be hurled into the dishwasher.



The COLD BREW INFUSER | 2 Quart | Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Infused Tea & Water! Ball Mason Jar, Stainless Basket & Texas Jack’s 130 Page Cold Brew Coffee Recipe & Instruction Book, 60+ Drink Recipes!

The COLD BREW INFUSER Coffee Maker, Infused Tea & Water


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