Teapot With Strainer For Loose Tea 1000ML

1000ML Glass Teapot With infuser, Teapot With Strainer For Loose Tea, Glass Infuser Tea Pot May be Used On Stovetop (1000ml/35oz)

  • Capability of this teapot is 1000ml/35oz. Sufficient to supply roughly 5-6 mugs of water
  • It is a top-quality Borosilicate glass tea pot with a glass infuser for free tea


  • this tea kettle has low price of thermal growth and excessive thermal resistance. It may very well be used on fuel, electromagnetic range
  • The teapot can stand up to immediate temperature change from minus 30 ℃ to 150℃. It would keep intact even for those who fill boiling water into the frozen teapot immediately .


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