Melitta #4 Super Premium Cone Coffee Filters: Elevate Your Coffee Game with Quality Brewing

These filters, whether cone, basket, or tea, consistently deliver a rich and flavorful coffee experience. The natural brown paper ensures mess-free brewing, and the advanced design, with Microfine Taste Enhancing perforations, allows the full coffee flavor to shine through.

Melitta’s century-long expertise is evident in every cup, making these filters a must-have for anyone seeking the ultimate coffee perfection.

Experience the ultimate coffee brewing with Melitta (63217C) #4 Super Premium Cone Coffee Filters. Ideal for 8-12 cup cone-style coffee makers, these filters boast an advanced design with Microfine Taste Enhancing perforations.

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Whether you’re enjoying a quiet morning at home, hosting friends, or needing a pick-me-up at the office, Melitta filters guarantee a perfect brew every time.

The natural brown paper and second safety crimp ensure strength, durability, and a mess-free brewing experience.

Quality Brewing Materials: Melitta takes pride in offering quality cone, basket, and tea filters, all crafted with top-quality paper that is compostable and tear-resistant. Enjoy mess-free brewing with filters designed to extract the full flavor potential of your coffee. 🌱📜

Over a Century of Expertise: With a history dating back to 1908, Melitta brings over a century of expertise and care to the world of gourmet coffees, filters, espresso pods, coffee makers, pour-overs, and carafes. Trust in a brand that has stood the test of time for a truly exceptional coffee experience. ⏳☕

Complete Brewing Experience: Melitta’s filters are meticulously designed to provide the perfect coffee brewing experience. Whether you prefer cone filters, basket filters, single cup Keurig-style filters, or tea filters, Melitta offers a comprehensive selection to cater to your unique coffee preferences. ☕🔄

Super Premium Cone Filters: The Melitta (63217C) #4 Super Premium Cone Coffee Filters are tailored to fit 8-12 cup cone-style coffee makers. Made of all-natural brown paper, these filters feature a second safety crimp for enhanced strength and durability, ensuring a reliable and mess-free brewing process. 🌰🔍

Advanced Design for Flavor Enhancement: Melitta’s cone filters boast an advanced design with Microfine Taste Enhancing perforations. This innovation allows the complete flavor profile of your coffee to filter through, providing a rich and aromatic experience with every sip. 🌈🔄

Double Crimped for Durability: The double crimped filter design adds an extra layer of durability to Melitta’s cone filters, protecting against bursting and ensuring that your brewing process is not only efficient but also reliable. 🛡️💪

Eco-Friendly Compostable Filters: Embrace an eco-friendly coffee routine with Melitta’s compostable filters. Reduce your environmental impact while enjoying the convenience and quality of filters that prioritize sustainability. 🌍🔄

Pack of 6 for Convenience: Each pack of Melitta (63217C) #4 Super Premium Cone Coffee Filters contains 100 filters, providing a convenient and ample supply for regular use. Stock up and ensure you’re always prepared for the perfect cup of coffee. 📦☕

Feature Details
Type Cone Coffee Filters
Size #4 (Fits 8-12 cup cone-style coffee makers)
Material All-natural Brown Paper
Quantity 100 Count per Pack
Advanced Design Microfine Taste Enhancing Perforations
Safety Feature Double Crimped for Strength and Durability
Eco-Friendly Compostable and Environmentally Friendly
Packaging Pack of 6 (600 Filters in Total)

Additional information

Weight 2.85 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9.2 × 5.2 cm





Natural Brown No 4


















100 Count (Pack of 6)






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