Smart Security Personal Electric Fruit Juicer

A-SZCXTOP Smart Security Personal Electric Fruit Juicer, Smoothie Maker, Portable Fruit Blender, 400ml Cup with Coffee and Fruit Modes, Great for Travel, Gym, Picnic, Home or Office-Yellow.

  • ❶【2 MODES】: This juicer container has 2 modes, Coffee and Fruit juice, Fruit juice mode has a speedier turn speed. You can pick the mode as indicated by the organic products you need to juice. And furthermore identified with the measure of the natural product pieces, it is prescribed to cut the organic product pieces as little as conceivable when utilizing the juicer cup.
  • ❷【SEALABILITY】: There is a silicone gasket in every association, a sum of 4 silicone gaskets, to ensure the juicer container doesn’t spill. So you can utilize it as a conventional jug, and it’s exceptionally consumable. It would be ideal if you check if the silicone washer is introduced before use, to guarantee that the utilization of the procedure won’t leak.
  • ❸【SECURITY】: There is a silicone washer between the base of the extractor and the glass body, and there is a security switch under the washer. Just when the wellbeing switch is associated, and the juicer container switch is opened would it be able to work. Any one switch isn’t open, the juicer won’t work. This expands the wellbeing when cleaning the juicer, keeping away from unplanned injury.
  • ❹【RECHARGEABLE】: This juicer container is rechargeable, when it is charging, the red light is on. At the point when completely charged, the green light is on. At the point when the base and container body associated, screwed to a specific degree, there will be blue light blazing. Demonstrating that the wellbeing switch has been associated, at that point you can charge it.
  • ❺【ENERGY SAVING】: In the Fruit juice mode, the lingering time is 10 seconds, at that point the power will be turned off consequently, the longest squeeze time is 90 seconds. In the Coffee mode, the sitting time and the longest squeeze time all are 30 seconds, at that point the power will be turned off consequently. So there’s no compelling reason to stress over overlooking the power cut, and causes you spare electricity.
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Product Feature

  • The material of the juicer glass is made of wellbeing and natural cordial material.
  • Espresso and Fruit juice 2 modes are accessible.
  • There is a silicone gasket in every association with guarantee that the utilization of the procedure won’t spill.
  • There is a wellbeing switch between the base and the washer, which can’t work on the off chance that it isn’t associated
  • The juicer container can be revived, so you can utilize it without interface when loaded with power.
  • Distinctive mode with various working time, as indicated by your decision.
  • The organic product pieces are best cut off as little as conceivable when you need to juice.

Product points of interest

  • Container body material: nourishment review PC
  • Cutting edge material: 304 stainless steel
  • Engine details: DC3.7V
  • Working current: 2-3A
  • Item Size: 70 * 70 * 260mm
  • Volume: 400ml

Package included

  • 1* Juicer container
  • 1* Charging line

Instructions for use

  • 1, For the first run through utilize, please charge for 3 hours, and the glass body and the base must not be isolated
  • 2, Before utilize, ensure that the silicone washer at every association is fitted so it won’t spill.
  • 3, The base can not be washed straightforwardly with water.
  • 4, The channel might not be submerged in high temp water of in excess of 55 degrees, so as not to warm distortion.
  • 5, Please wash the glass with unadulterated water before squeezing, organic product pieces ought to be cut the littler the better.
  • 6, When squeezing, tilt the glass body 45 degrees and quick shaking.
  • 7, Do not utilize the juicer to pound meat.
  • 8, When organic product is squeezed, include some water, drink, or milk.

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