Silva Manual Coffee Grinder – Hand Coffee Bean Grinder | Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill for French Press, Espresso, Turkish, Aeropress – Brushed Stainless Steel – Bonus Scoop

  • ADJUSTABLE MANUAL HAND GRINDER – Equiped with adjustable ceramic grind selector up to 18 click settings, this manual coffee grinder delivers consistent grind for your coffee beans with great precision and control so you can have the perfect coarseness for your French press, AeroPress, Turkish, Espresso, Chemex, Percolator, Keurig K Cup or Cold Brew
  • ★ NO BATTERIES, POWER, OR NOISE – Relatively quiet and makes it easy to use at any time. It’s both practical and convenient for camping or traveling so you can enjoy fresh grounds early in the morning without disturbing or waking everyone up.
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  EXCELLENT STAINLESS STEEL QUALITY – Engineered to resist wear and tear, the Silva manual burr grinder’s body is crafted with rust proof 18/10 food grade stainless steel and ceramic combo burrs which are tested and inspected to ensure long lasting durability. It’s a versatile device that can crack large amounts of pepper corns and other spices for cooking

Freshly Ground is better !

It’s a fact–coffee just doesn’t taste as fresh if you purchase it already ground. To get bold delicious flavor, you need to grind your coffee fresh, but finding the best way to do so can be a challenge! You could purchase a manual coffee grinder, but those devices can’t be used on the go with ease, and they often produce imprecise results. A manual coffee grinder is portable, but so many contain poorly made metal mechanisms that corrode or lose their sharpness after just a few uses. With all of the hassles that can come with selecting a burr grinder for coffee, there’s really only one coffee grinder you should purchase–the Silva Coffee Grinder is the answer!

Hassle-free Burr Grinder !

The Silva Coffee Grinder takes all of the hassles out of grinding your own coffee at home. A ceramic burr grinder, Our grinding element will never corrode, and it’s much harder than steel to keep a razor sharp edge for much longer than metal. Easy to operate, the burr coffee grinder delivers a perfect, even grind every time, meaning you’ll never end up with clumps of beans in your coffee filter or in your cup. No need to change a blade, open up the grinder to turn a screw or replace a single part. As a result, you can alter the grind while you work to ensure optimal results.

Cost Effective Launch Price !

While the Silva Coffee Grinder is available for a fraction of the cost of the Hario & Capresso burr grinder and other grinders with fancy brand names, the quality of our coffee grinder meets the needs of the pros. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on every burr coffee grinder that we sell. Enjoy the full flavor and aroma of delicious coffee right at home with the coffee grinder on Amazon that offers the best value for your money!  

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