Sealed Coffee Storage Container with Date Tracker

Keep your coffee at its freshest with the SIMPLETaste Coffee Canister. Its one-piece press vacuum sealed design ensures that air stays out for up to a week between brews. For daily or weekly use, this canister can extend your coffee’s shelf life by up to 50%, all while preventing unwanted moisture and odors from affecting your brew.

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Enjoy the true essence of your coffee with every cup, thanks to this innovative storage solution.

SIMPLETaste’s hermetic meals storage vacuum sealed espresso canister is rigorously crafted with premium food-grade stainless-steel that’s rust-resistant, simple to wash, and protects in opposition to gentle’s stripping of taste so your solely left with nice tastes.

Maintain your espresso more energizing, longer; SIMPLETaste’s vacuum sealed container has a One-Piece Press vacuum pump within the lid, which removes oxygen to maintain your espresso from going stale;

Advisable for storing complete beans, and in addition works with floor espresso as properly; Nonetheless, floor espresso will oxidize quicker than complete beans, even when in a vacuum container.

This storage container can retailer not solely espresso beans or grounds, but in addition dried tea leaves, nuts, cereals, flour, sugar, and far more.

What You Obtained: Coffee Container; Constructed-in date indicator to maintain monitor of your espresso beans and meals’s freshness.



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