Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter with Upgraded Cup Stand

Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter with Upgraded Cup Stand, Handle, and Extra Thick Stainless Steel – Portable Paperless Drip Coffee Maker Brews 1 to 4 Cups.

  • Get a Grip – A stretched handle gives better grasp and warmth scattering, making it less demanding to utilize and clean without consuming your fingers.
  • One Size Fits All – Any glass up to 4.9 inches wide would now be able to be utilized with our container stand, including your most loved Starbucks mug. The removable cone can likewise be utilized as a part of a Chemex, carafe, decanter, or pitcher.
  • Quality Finish – The internal work is laser cut from very erosion safe 316L stainless steel. The edge, handle, and glass stand is strengthened with thicker, brush cleaned stainless steel for included durability.
  • Pour Over Present – Create a tasty, more nuanced blend like a barista with our simple to take after guide. Our nice looking bundling and manual influences this the ideal to present for any espresso lover.
  • Lean and Green – Say farewell to costly and inefficient paper channels that burglarize your espresso of basic oils and flavors. Take this minimized and lightweight brewer anyplace – home, office, outside, or dorm.
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Cool Beans Creations – The Drip – Pour Over Coffee Dripper – Where Innovation Meets Practicality: We comprehend that genuine espresso darlings discover their approaches to make the most ideal espresso, however we likewise realize that time is profitable. That is the reason we built up our espresso dripper with quality materials joined with functional plans for regular utilize.

Extra Durability and Stability

Never keep supply of paper channels again. “The Drip” espresso channel utilizes additional thick sustenance review (304, 18-8) stainless steel on the edges, handle, and espresso cone for expanded security. The internal work is produced using a higher erosion safe nourishment review (316L, 18-12) stainless steel. This sort of stainless steel is routinely utilized as a part of assembling of restorative surgical instruments!

Be Green and Curb Paper Waste

Cool Beans “The Drip” stainless steel channel is reusable, you never need to purchase and stock up on paper channels again. Other than the cash spared, our channel work keeps up the bona fide taste of your espresso while most paper channels twist the fundamental flavors and smell of your espresso.

One Size Fits All

Our developed container stand construct will fit serenely in light of mugs with openings up to 4.9 inches. The extended shape edges and bended edges give additional solidness.

Wide Hook Handle for Better Grip

Exceptionally planned handle takes into consideration a superior grasp. Our handle configuration is first of its kind on espresso channels. It gives simplicity of cleaning and dumping espresso beans.

Easy to Clean and Store

After each mix; hold the cone by the handle and dump out espresso beans. Flush and clean the cone under warm to high temp water; include dish cleanser as considered essential. After espresso beans, stains, or cleanser is flushed off; hang or place in dish rack to dry.

Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter with Upgraded Cup Stand: pour over coffee maker, single cup pour over coffee maker, stainless steel filter.

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