Pure Elegance Borosilicate Pour Over Coffee Set ☕🔮

🔮 Crystal Clear Quality: Crafted from top-notch borosilicate glass, this pour-over coffee maker ensures your coffee remains pure in flavor. It won’t absorb odors, chemicals, or unwanted tastes, making each cup a true delight.

☕ Perfectly Sized: With the capacity to hold 1-2 cups of rich, aromatic coffee, it’s the ideal choice for solo sippers or cozy gatherings.

Experience the pure elegance and convenience of the “Pure Elegance Borosilicate Pour Over Coffee Set.” Elevate your coffee experience at home, in your café, restaurant, or even while camping. ☕🔮

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❄️ Versatile Coffee Carafe: This coffee carafe isn’t just for serving; it can be refrigerated and reheated without compromising the original flavor of your coffee. Perfect for keeping your brew fresh for longer.

🌿 BPA-Free and Safe: Rest easy knowing that your daily coffee ritual is safe. This set is BPA-free, making it suitable for daily use without any health concerns.

A picket collar might improve grip and shield your hand from being scald when the espresso is piping scorching.

40 sheets of conical V60 paper filter, each bit of the filter is for single time use.

Basic diamond sample designed backside, correct measurement marking traces provide help to brew like a professional; Begin the day with a cup of aromatic espresso .


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