Premium Pour Over Coffee Kettle – 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel, Auto Shut-Off, 1.0L Capacity, Precision Gooseneck Spout

The 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel ensures a pure and untainted taste, free from any plastic contact with hot water. The gooseneck spout provides precision control during pouring, allowing me to master the art of pour-over coffee.

The safety features, including auto shut-off and boil-dry protection, make it a reliable and worry-free addition to my kitchen. With a 2-year warranty and competitive pricing, this kettle offers durability, safety, and, most importantly, the purest taste for a delightful coffee experience.

The Pour Over Coffee Kettle is a must-have for anyone who values the art and science of coffee brewing. Its practical gooseneck spout transforms the pouring process into a precise ritual, ensuring a steady and controlled water flow.

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Whether you’re crafting the perfect pour-over coffee, steeping your favorite tea, or frothing milk for a latte, this kettle’s versatility shines. The durable 304 stainless steel guarantees a pure taste, untainted by plastic, making it the ideal choice for those who savor the true essence of their beverages.

From the ease of cleaning to the peace of mind provided by auto shut-off and boil-dry protection, this kettle is designed to elevate your daily coffee or tea ritual.

🌐 Durable and Great Price: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-Year Return & Refund Warranty and Lifetime After Sales Services. The competitive pricing makes this Pour Over Coffee Kettle an affordable investment in quality. With a satisfaction guarantee, you can confidently elevate your brewing experience without breaking the bank.

🍵 The Purest Taste: Immerse yourself in the purest taste experience. Crafted with 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel, this kettle ensures that your hot water never comes into contact with plastic, guaranteeing safe and healthy drinking water. Say goodbye to any concerns about rust – this kettle is built for lasting quality.

🚿 Easy To Clean: The wide mouth design of this kettle not only makes it effortless to fill but also simplifies the cleaning process. Access hard-to-reach areas with ease, ensuring that your kettle remains free of deposits or “rust” that might affect the taste of your beverages.

🎨 Practical Gooseneck Spout: Elevate your pour-over game with the practical gooseneck spout. Designed for precision control during pouring, the long and slender opening ensures a steady and predictable pour. Perfect for extracting the full flavor potential from your coffee, tea, or milk.

⚖️ Safe Tech & Auto Shut Off: Embrace safety and efficiency with the Auto Shut-Off feature. Within 20 seconds of reaching a boil, the kettle automatically shuts off, saving energy and ensuring durability. The additional boil-dry safety feature provides an extra layer of protection by detecting and turning off when there’s no water inside.

🌿 Versatile Brewing Companion: Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, tea lover, or enjoy frothy milk beverages, this Pour Over Coffee Kettle is your versatile brewing companion. Experience the freedom to experiment with various brewing methods and savor the rich flavors of your favorite beverages.

🌟 Precision Brewing Experience: The gooseneck spout isn’t just for show – it’s a game-changer in achieving a precise and controlled pour. Elevate your brewing experience by mastering the art of pour-over coffee, where every drop is carefully directed for optimal flavor extraction.

🌈 Stylish and Practical Design: Beyond its functional features, this kettle boasts a stylish and practical design. It seamlessly integrates into any kitchen, offering a modern touch while enhancing your daily ritual of crafting the perfect cup. A fusion of form and function, it’s a statement piece for coffee enthusiasts.

Features Specifications
Material 100% Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.0 Liters
Warranty 2-Year Return & Refund Warranty, Lifetime After Sales Services
Spout Practical Gooseneck for Precision Pouring
Safety Features Auto Shut-Off (20 seconds), Boil-Dry Protection
Cleaning Wide Mouth for Easy Cleaning and Filling
Construction Durable and Rust-Resistant
Versatility Suitable for Pour Over Coffee, Tea, Milk Frothing


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