Perfect Grind with Handground’s Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Looking for a coffee grinder that can provide you with the perfect grind for any brewing method? Look no further than our Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder!

Featuring an adjustable grind selector with 15 settings, our grinder provides precise control over the coarseness of your grind for use with Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, AeroPress, or any other brewing technique.

With its conical ceramic burr mill, our grinder delivers a consistent and uniform grind for a perfect cup of coffee every time. Plus, with its durable and ergonomic design, our grinder is easy to use and built to last.

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With A 40mm conical ceramic burr mill and triple mounted axle. Every axle is milled on a 5 axis CNC that maintains tolerances of 0.004 inches. The mix of added stability and razor skinny tolerances permits Handground to accomplish a constant grind, each time.


Up to date model of the unique Handground grinder designed by hundreds of espresso lovers around the globe to accomplish a constant grind utilizing the hand crank mill for any bean .


with a handy detachable hand crank mechanism persistently eliminates over 90% of the noise that electrical grinders produce. Nice for tenting, touring, and on a regular basis house brewing.



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