Old World Christmas Bag of Coffee Beans Ornament

The Old World Christmas Bag of Coffee Beans Ornament brings the warmth and aroma of a fresh cup of coffee to your holiday decor. Crafted with intricate detail, this hand-painted, mouth-blown glass ornament captures the essence of a coffee lover’s delight. The foil-lined bags, which protect and preserve the roasted coffee within, add an authentic touch to this ornament.

Whether you’re a morning, midday, or nighttime coffee enthusiast, this ornament is a charming addition to your Christmas tree, awakening not only your senses but also the holiday spirit. With dimensions of 4 x 1.5 x 1.25 inches (HxLxW), it’s a compact yet eye-catching ornament that exudes the love of coffee.

☕ Coffee Lover’s Delight: For coffee enthusiasts, this ornament celebrates the love of coffee, adding a unique touch to holiday decor.

🎄 Charming Christmas Decor: It’s a perfect addition to your Christmas tree, bringing the warmth and aroma of coffee to your festive display.

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🖐️ Hand-Painted Detail: Crafted with precision, this ornament boasts intricate hand-painted details that capture the essence of a coffee bag.

🪄 Mouth-Blown Glass: The use of mouth-blown glass gives this ornament a traditional and artistic feel, making it a standout piece on your tree.

🎁 Ideal Gift: It’s an excellent gift option for coffee lovers, friends, or family who appreciate the joy of a good cup of coffee.

🌟 Authentic Touch: The inclusion of foil-lined bags adds an authentic element, replicating the way coffee is preserved for freshness.

🎉 Awaken the Senses: Coffee is known for awakening the mind, body, and spirit, and this ornament celebrates that daily ritual.

📏 Compact Size: With dimensions of 4 x 1.5 x 1.25 inches, it’s the ideal size to stand out on your tree without overwhelming it.

🍽️ Versatile Use: This ornament is not limited to Christmas; it can also adorn your space year-round, symbolizing the love of coffee.


Feature Description
Coffee Lover’s Delight Ideal for coffee enthusiasts
Charming Christmas Decor Adds warmth and aroma to your tree
Hand-Painted Detail Intricate hand-painted design
Mouth-Blown Glass Traditional and artistic feel
Ideal Gift Great for coffee lovers and gift-giving
Authentic Touch Features foil-lined bags for added realism
Awaken the Senses Celebrates the invigorating power of coffee
Compact Size Perfect size for Christmas tree display
Versatile Use Can be displayed year-round, not just for Christmas

The best feature of the Old World Christmas Bag of Coffee Beans Ornament is its ability to Awaken the Senses. This ornament serves as a delightful reminder of the invigorating power of coffee, making it a must-have for coffee lovers. It adds a unique and sensory experience to your holiday decor, capturing the essence of that fresh cup of coffee brewing in the morning, midday, or even at night. The aroma and love of coffee are celebrated in a beautifully hand-painted and mouth-blown glass ornament, making it a standout piece on your Christmas tree and a conversation starter during the holiday season.


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