Nettle Tea, 1lb (16Oz) Cut and Sifted Leaves

Nettle Tea, 1lb (16Oz) Cut and Sifted Leaves

-Bother LEAF-These Cut and Sifted vex leaves are ideal for making weed tea from the solace of your home; All you require is a strainer and plenty of vex tea benefits are yours. The mass C/S leaf tea is securely put away in multi-layered gas boundary pack and keeps up the greater part of the key supplements and medical advantages that can be lost when fabricated exclusively for tea sacks.

-Natural This natural vex was developed and collected in Egypt; It was pressed by hand here in the USA, at a Department of Agriculture ensured natural pressing office in Cleveland, OH; Quality and measures are kept up and traceability and natural uprightness affirmed.

-Huge The supersized one pound sack implies you’ll have enough tea for morning, evening, and night; The advantageous, resealable pack spares time and you’re shipping cash, while enabling you to appreciate the most astounding quality item.

-All encompassing HEALTH-Stinging bramble has been utilized as a characteristic solution for hundreds of years; People have sung its gestures of recognition for conditions, for example, skin inflammation, joint pain, and even feed fever.

-Stinging bramble, doesn’t sting any longer after it has been dryed. It is a ponder herb.


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Nettle Tea, 1lb (16Oz) Cut and Sifted (Bulk Common Nettle): 100% USDA Certified ORGANIC Bulk Egyptian Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica), by U.S. Wellness Naturals


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