Mini Electric Tea Kettle and 4 Cup Coffee Maker – Compact, Quick Brew, and BPA-Free for Everyday Brewing

Mini Electric Tea Kettle and 4 Cup Coffee Maker, your perfect companions for hassle-free brewing. Crafted from BPA-free and food-grade plastic, this duo ensures health-conscious choices without compromising on functionality. The 120° broad opening lid facilitates easy filling, while the automatic shutoff function and cord wrap enhance convenience.

With a swift 5-minute brew time and a 0.6L translucent water tank, this mini marvel is tailored for the individual or small household seeking efficiency without sacrificing flavor. Elevate your everyday brewing experience with these compact, easy-to-use appliances.

🌱 BPA-Free for Health-Conscious Brewing: Say goodbye to concerns about plastic materials in your kettle! The Mini Electric Tea Kettle and 4 Cup Coffee Maker prioritize your well-being with BPA-free and food-grade plastic construction.

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Unlike some plastics linked to health risks, these appliances are your budget-friendly and health-conscious choice, ensuring safe and worry-free brewing.

🌈 Simple and Efficient Design: Embrace simplicity with a 120° broad opening lid that effortlessly folds away for easy filling. The compact design includes a cord wrap for seamless storage, catering to those who appreciate clutter-free countertops. The automatic shutoff function adds an extra layer of convenience, freeing you to focus on more significant matters while your brew takes care of itself.

⚙️ Easy Operation for Everyday Use: Simplify your morning routine with one On/Off switch adorned with a visible indicator light. The Aigostar coffee machine utilizes professional fast brewing technology, delivering a rich-tasting cup in less than 5 minutes. No need for complicated settings or timers; this coffee pot is perfect for single individuals or small households seeking a straightforward brewing solution.

Quick Brew for Instant Gratification: Rated at 600W, the 4 Cup Coffee Maker ensures a swift coffee-making experience, providing a cup of your favorite brew in just 1 minute. The electric coffee maker’s 0.6L translucent water tank with level marks is designed for optimal convenience, ensuring you brew the perfect amount without waste. Ideal for those who savor their coffee without dealing with excess leftovers.

🚀 Compact Size, Big Impact: Size matters, especially when it comes to brewing for one or a small household. The Mini Electric Tea Kettle and 4 Cup Coffee Maker strike the perfect balance between compact design and sufficient capacity. No more dealing with half pots of cold, un-drunk coffee; this duo caters to your individual or small-group needs with precision.

🔄 Time-Saving Cord Wrap: Tired of dealing with tangled cords? The Mini Electric Tea Kettle and Coffee Maker come equipped with a cord wrap, ensuring a tidy and organized brewing station. Save time and frustration with this thoughtful feature, allowing you to enjoy your coffee without the hassle of untangling cords.

Automatic Shutoff for Peace of Mind: Forget to turn off your kettle? The automatic shutoff function has you covered. This safety feature not only enhances convenience but also provides peace of mind, ensuring that your appliances won’t be left running unattended. Enjoy your brew without worrying about unnecessary energy consumption.

🎯 Level Marks for Precision Brewing: Achieve precision in your brewing process with the 0.6L translucent water tank featuring level marks. Measure your water accurately, ensuring the right balance for a consistently delightful cup of coffee. This attention to detail makes the Mini Electric Tea Kettle and 4 Cup Coffee Maker your reliable brewing companions.

🌍 Environmentally Conscious Design: Beyond health and convenience, these appliances are designed with environmental consciousness in mind. Crafted to be compact and efficient, they minimize energy consumption and reduce waste, aligning with eco-friendly principles for a sustainable brewing experience.

Feature Details
Material BPA-free and food-grade plastic
Lid Opening 120° broad opening for easy filling
Operation One On/Off switch with visible indicator light
Brewing Time Less than 5 minutes
Water Tank Capacity 0.6L translucent tank with level marks
Cord Wrap Yes, for compact storage
Automatic Shutoff Yes, for safety and convenience
Size Compact and space-saving design
Quick Brew 600W power for quick brewing

Mini Electric Tea Kettle and 4 Cup Coffee Maker redefine simplicity in brewing, prioritizing health, convenience, and efficiency. Crafted from BPA-free and food-grade plastic, these appliances offer peace of mind.

The 120° broad opening lid, automatic shutoff, and cord wrap simplify your brewing experience, allowing you to focus on the joys of savoring your favorite brew. With quick brewing times, a compact design, and a 0.6L translucent water tank, these appliances cater to individual or small household needs.


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