Milk Frother and Hot Beverage Maker – Perfect for Hot Chocolate

The Retro 32-Ounce Milk Frother and Hot Beverage Maker offers unparalleled convenience with its innovative sliding control switch. Users can seamlessly switch between heating and frothing, or opt for frothing alone, while also having the convenience of turning the unit off when the desired froth level is achieved.

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This versatile functionality is easily accessible with the sliding control switch, offering a hassle-free experience in crafting your favorite beverages.

Spins and heats to rapidly whip beverage into frothy, gourmand scorching chocolate.

Excellent for a number of servings of gourmand scorching chocolate, lattes, mochas, chai teas and different scorching drinks.

Non-drip faucet releases a scorching, wealthy blended beverage whereas retaining surfaces clear – Flippantly push down the serving deal with to fill a single cup or elevate the deal with to simply fill bigger mugs.

Concurrently heats and mixes drinks into steamy, scrumptious drinks.

Mixes drinks with out warmth for iced coffees and different warm-weather drinks.

Pitcher is etched with MIN and MAX liquid markings to simply measure and portion your beverage.

Clear and detachable for cleansing, the pitcher is provided with an ergonomic deal with, an easy-pour spout and a lid for versatile serving.

  • EASY STORAGE – Consists of built-in twine wrap beneath unit for tidy storage.
  • RETRO DESIGN – Chrome accents and a pearlescent pink shade give this unit a vibrant retro enchantment.



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