Manual Coffee Grinder with Storage Jar

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Hot Sale Manual Coffee Grinder with Storage Jar, Soft brush , Conical Ceramic Burr Quiet and Portable. 
Broiled espresso beans are little flavor vaults, securing the delectable oils and solubles that give all the incredible flavor and extravagance we espresso darlings pine for. Our processor gives you a chance to crush only the perfect sum, quickly before you blend, guaranteeing that you get the freshest, most some espresso conceivable.

Manual processor can be effortlessly isolated into different little parts.Simply discrete and wash it under running water.Clean effectively and completely.The included brush makes cleaning work all the more brisk and simple.

Delivers essentially less clamor than electric processors, which implies you can appreciate crisp ground espresso while your friends and family are snoozing, when you’re in the workplace, or when you’re enjoying nature and would prefer not to aggravate the untamed life.

This tough and reduced espresso process gives impeccable granulating control to your picked preparing technique.

Clay funnel shaped burrs don’t create the warmth that can unfavorably influence your espresso’s basic oils, and have no metal scent and will never rust.

Burrs effectively change in accordance with create a scope of pound sizes, from superfine coffee to coarse for French press blending.

Estimate: base distance across 9.2cm full tallness 16cm jug measurement 8.8cm handle length 13cm

Shading: dark

Material: treated steel fired crushing silicone glass

Bean stockpiling limit (Bottle body dark segment): 75G

Powder stockpiling limit (bottle straightforward section): 120G

Easy to Operate:

  • Stage 1: include some cooked espresso beans into the grinder.You can cover it with the elastic top to keep beans from flying all over the place.
  • Stage 2: pivot the work sparing wrench clockwise.You can watch the beans through the straightforward glass container.
  • Stage 3: open the cover to spill out the espresso power.Enjoy yourself to make a measure of coffee.


  • 1*Manual Coffee Grinder
  • 1*Glass Jar
  • 1*Soft brush
  • 1*English manual


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Burr Grinders (Conical)




stainless steel ceramic grinding silicone glass

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