Manual Coffee Grinder Chestnut for espresso, pour over

JBM Coffee Co Manual Coffee Grinder Chestnut C2 Mannequin Capability 25g CNC Milled Stainless Metal Burr Double bearing grinding for espresso, pour over, french press, to espresso machines (Black)


  • JBM Coffee Co Collaboration of best-selling Chestnut C2 Grinder. Stainless-steel burr-CNC milled. Double bearing central axis positioning-uniform grinding particles. Burr measurement 38mm-efficient grinding of espresso beans.
  • The physique weighs 430g, whereas sustaining a lightweight weight and a reasonable sense of weight and luxurious. It’s ultimate not solely for dwelling use but in addition for carrying outdoor or touring.
  • Adjustable in about 36 steps. You may simply grind the specified roughness and measurement from effective to coarse with the adjustment nut. You may make espresso grind to French press grind to pour over grind in straightforward steps.
  • The milling blade with 55-58HRC hardness in 5-axis CNC machining realizes uniform grinding with virtually no excessively coarse grains. On the similar time, the technology of effective powder is minimized.
  • The smoother motion is realized because the deal with retains turning for some time even in the event you launch your hand because of the built-in bearing. As well as, a compact physique of 52 mm that’s straightforward to understand even for small arms. and it’s potential to grind flippantly with little or no power.


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