KONA Electric Burr Grinder

KONA Electric Burr Grinder | French Press Coffee Bean Grinder Produces Coarse To Medium Grinds, Small Coffee Mill Saves Space On Any Counter Top.

  • FRENCH PRESS GRINDER: Produces predictable coarse to medium toils from metal burrs. Albeit composed in light of the french press aficionado, it likewise creates an ideal crush for Percolators, Vacuum, Auto Drip (Flat Bottom Filters) & Cold Brew Coffee Maker (NOT prescribed for better pounds like Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Pour Over Methods)
  • SPACE SAVER: Saves bunches of counter space in your kitchen, office or country estate. Minimal & simple to pack while outdoors, voyaging or RVing. Simply THE RIGHT SIZE: If you drink french press espresso in little clusters. The 60 gram container is only the perfect measure of bean for a 34 oz french press pot. Littlest electric burr processor available, spare your cash from the bigger more costly grinders
  • TAKE CONTROL: Adjustable 9 coarse settings in view of your coveted taste. Coarser granulate for a lighter blend or run with a medium crush for a more bolder wealthier taste. Your Choice, Your Coffee Journey, You Decide…
  • WON’T FALL OFF A COUNTER: A 3 suction glass base will keep the processor from tumbling off any smooth surface counter particularly in kitchenettes, campers or littler kitchens
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  • MAXIMIZE FULL FLAVOR POTENTIAL: You spend great cash on a top notch pack of amazing espresso beans. Give what you unique meal requests by crushing a little bunch in a KONA french press processor. Get the full espresso squeeze involvement with Idylc Homes KONA. Look at our appreciated advancements below

Here is an electric french press processor that is helping espresso darlings find the full flavor capability of their most loved espresso bean selectionThe mystery to an incredible some crisp espressos created from entire beans that is ground inside a couple of minutes of blending

Smart Baristas know the establishment of a some espresso begins with a dependable burr processor that produces predictable espresso grounds

Utilizing a sharp edge processor machine for espresso isn’t a keen move, the outcome will be conflicting grounds leaving a sloppy glass accordingly

All the more in this way, most electric processors available can accompany a heavy sticker price with a great deal of pointless highlights and oversize limit just to make a some french press espresso for one person

The KONA Electric Grinder includes a smaller than normal frame, lightweight and convenient plan roused by top Baristas from around the globe that request sturdiness and style. Ideal for any home, work, or travel situations

Our top notch circle burr guarantees reliable uniform espresso beans guaranteeing a smooth container with each and every blend

These french press espresso processors have been painstakingly built to serve all blending techniques that need reliable coarse to medium coarse drudgeries (NOT suggested for Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Pour Over Methods)

With these improvements you will appreciate:

* Nine Coarse Settings to calibrate your flavor intesity

* 60 gram bean container without flaw sum for french press brewing

* Coarse size crushing produce less weight on engine limits mechanical failure

Idylc Homes prides in utilizing the best quality parts accessible in outlining our products.Our top of the line quality care begins from bundling in the industrial facility the distance to your front entryway & past.

KONA Electric Burr Grinder: best burr grinder, best budget coffee grinder, coffee grinder for french press.

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