Java Planet – Manual Coffee Grinder Burr – Spice Grinder

  •  BETTER FLAVOR – Our ceramic burr coffee grinder is easy to adjust and ensures you have total control over how coarse or fine your beans are for your Pour Over, French Press, Espresso, Kcup, Aeropress, Automatic Drip, Percolator, Cold Brew, or Turkish Coffee. Fresh grounds make for better flavor no matter how you brew.
  • GREAT COFFEE ANYWHERE – Our manual burr grinder does not require electricity or batteries allowing you to brew with fresh roasted and properly ground beans at home, while traveling or out in the great outdoors.
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  •  WHY MANUAL? – Electric grinders can heat the beans releasing flavorful oils that don’t make it in your cup.
  • QUIET – Our manual coffee grinder uses a hand-crank method which reduces noise resulting in brewing anytime (such as while others are sleeping) and anywhere (like an office cubicle).
  • HOW LONG? – Grinding 2 tablespoons – enough for one cup – takes approx 45 seconds for drip grind, 60 seconds for pour over, 90 for espresso.
Manual Burr Coffee Grinder for grinding whole bean coffee or spices at home or while traveling – no electricity needed! To adjust the grind size, hold the top of the grinder shaft with one hand and with the other hand, turn the adjustment nut clockwise for finer and counter-clockwise for a coarser grind. Once you know your preferred grind size you can keep it set at this. Remove the lid and place the beans or spices in the hopper. Reinstall lid, place the handle on the metal shaft and place ground receptacle on the bottom. Hold the grinder with one hand and turning the handle clockwise with the other. Important: Never turn the handle counter-clockwise as this will strip the burr plates in your grinder.

Java Planet – Manual Coffee Grinder Burr – Spice Grinder – Portable Hand Ceramic Burr Grinder – Grind Coffee Beans From Coarse French Press to Espresso Ground

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Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters


Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters


Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters


Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters


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