Ice dutch coffee drip pot/ water drip brew coffee maker

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Ice dutch coffee drip pot/ water drip brew coffee maker for 6cups/ice cold coffee pot/cold brew coffee maker with high quality.

  • – Made of high borosilicate glass, high temperature safe.
  • – Easy for utilize, simple for clean.
  • – Producing amazing espresso for your very own taste and fragrance, make the most of your espresso time.


  • Item Name: Cold Coffee Drip
  • Show: BD-7
  • Container Material:Heat-safe Glass
  • Principle materials utilized: glass with wood column Accessories: channel screen, cleaning fabric and estimating spoon
  • Shading: Clear
  • Limit: 600ML


  • Stage 1. Put the treated steel channel sheet into the center jug.
  • Stage 2. Empty 40g espresso powder into the center jug.
  • Stage 3. Utilize 40mL chilly water to douse the espresso powder.
  • Stage 4. Cover a layer of channel paper on the espresso powder to make the water beads more uniform.
  • Stage 5. Close the channel valve controller before pouring water and ice 3D squares.
  • Stage 6. Pour ice 3D squares and water, the ice water is a sum of 400g.
  • Stage 7. Change the channel controller valve, can be set to 7 drop at regular intervals.
  • Stage 8. Cover the top.
  • Stage 9.After the finish of the channel, expel the water drop part
  • Stage 10.Cover the fixed cover, put the espresso pot into cooler, chilly stockpiling, it very well may be kept for seven days.

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Model Number


Capacity (Cup)

6 cups

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Item name

Ice dutch coffee drip water drip brew coffee maker serve for 6cups

item number


Base material

wooden+heat-resistant glass




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