Hero S01 Hand Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel Mortar

  • Model: Hero Product title: Hand-ground espresso mill Mannequin quantity: S01
  • Handy to carry]: ABS shell, chrome steel crushed core. The physique, which is 15 cm excessive and weighs 280 g, is light-weight but has a average weight and luxurious. Preferrred not just for residence use, but in addition for carrying outdoor and on the street


Hero S01 Hand Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel Mortar, Adjustable Coarseness, Easy to Clear, Stainless Grinding core ABS shell(black)

  • [Roughness adjustment function]: You may merely grind your favourite roughness with a nut from superb grinding to coarse grinding.
  • [Excellent blade]: 5-wheeled CNC machining. A uniform grain with few grains which are too coarse. On the identical time, the era of superb powder can also be minimized.
  • [Labor-saving performance]: The deal with retains rotating for some time even if you happen to take your hand off, and the built-in bearing realizes clean motion. The striped design on the floor enhances the grip and may be gently polished with a small drive.



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