Handpresso Wild Hybrid

Handpresso Wild Hybrid.

Now and again the world is a remorseless place. This is particularly genuine when you’re out in it – outdoors, stuck at the workplace, stuck outdoors at the workplace, whatever – and you can’t get a coffee.

The general population at Handpresso are similarly as nonsensically tenacious on getting their coffee anyplace, and getting it with a full supplement of crema. The Wild Hybrid coffee hand press is their reaction to outdoors trips, long days at the workplace, and awful baristas all around. Simply include heated water and a little elbow oil for bistro in any circumstance.

The Wild pumps up like a bicycle pump and can create an amazing 232 PSI, well past the standard 116 to 145 PSI essential for making coffee. Its water repository is 50 milliliters.


Handpresso Wild Hybrid.

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