Hand Held Coffee Maker Portable Compact

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Mini Coffee Machine Hand Held Coffee Maker Portable Compact Manual Espresso Maker Hand Pressure Portable Express Coffee Maker. 

  • – Be your own barista: with this espresso creator, you can pour superb coffee anyplace in a hurry. All you require are espresso powder and high temp water. Quick and straightforward, with no untidy crushes to clean
  • – Portable and helpful: hand worked, compact, no batteries, and no electric power. This smaller than normal coffee creator has a smooth current structure and natural task
  • – Save time and cash: appreciate a measure of coffee when you are holding up in line, an extraordinary method to spare time and cash
  • – Easy to clean: it’s simpler to clean than electric espresso machines, washing it just with water
  • – All-in-one plan: 6 pieces are in all structure, including water glass, estimating container, principle body, channel glass, outlet head, and coffee mug, making it such less demanding to make some espresso


  • Water tank limit: 80ml/2.82oz
  • Reasonable espresso powder measurements: 7g/0.25oz
  • Normal working weight: 8bar/116psi
  • Material: PBT, GF, hardened steel and silicone
  • Bundle Contents: 1 x Coffee Maker

How to utilize it?

  • 1. Fill the scoop with espresso powder
  • 2. Put the channel container on the highest point of the scoop, and empty the espresso powder into it
  • 3. Set back the channel on the highest point of primary body
  • 4. Screw firmly the outlet head into the primary body
  • 5. Include bubbling water into the water container
  • 6. Screw firmly the primary body onto the water glass
  • 7. Open the cylinder by pivoting it to one side
  • 8. Hold the smaller than usual coffee producer over the container and begin to pump
  • 9. The initial 6 strokes will fill the channel container with water.

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Espresso Coffee Maker





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