Glass Coffee Container for Preserving Aroma

Discover the Bialetti Smart Coffee Jar, meticulously crafted from high-quality glass – the ideal material for preserving the rich aroma of your coffee. Featuring a silicone gasket on the lid, this jar ensures a perfect airtight seal, keeping your coffee fresh and flavorful.

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Additionally, it comes complete with a stainless steel spoon for easy dosing and pouring directly into your coffee maker’s funnel. Elevate your coffee experience with this thoughtful and functional coffee storage solution.

Utilization ideas: put the funnel of your Bialetti within the gap, fill the funnel with espresso utilizing the stainless-steel spoon, put the funnel with the espresso in your Bialetti coffeemaker and put together the espresso, any leftover espresso will fall again into the jar .

Perform: the clever strategy to put together espresso and protect its freshness with out waste.

Capability: 250 grammes – 8,81 ounces .

Options: Bialetti Smart Jar is dishwashersafe and recognizable by the one and solely gentleman with the mustache that adorns it.



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