Gaggia 58mm Bottomless Naked Portafilter

Portafilter With Filter Basket

Be Geared up with a 58mm stainless-steel filter basket, the fine-perforated design of the filter basket permits for extra uniform and environment friendly filtering of espresso grounds and is suitable with 58mm Gaggia bottomless portafilter.


Premium Bottomless Portafilter

Be manufactured from 100% pure mahogany, this bottomless portafilter is immune to oxidation, corrosion, rust, and sturdiness.

What’s extra, its filter basket is forged in food-grade stainless-steel, hand-polished to a excessive diploma, and exactly sized to make sure the filter nests into the deal with.

Suitable with 58mm Gaggia Machines

This 58mm bottomless bare portafilter is suitable with Gaggia espresso machines.

Deep Extraction

The 58mm bottomless portafilter with a filter basket permits for deep extraction of the espresso, bettering the extraction charge of the espresso. You may even clearly see the flowing golden espresso extract, which helps you extract skilled espresso.

Espresso Merchandise, 58mm Bottomless Naked Portafilter Suitable with 58mm Gaggia Espresso Machines (Included 18g Filter Basket).

Detachable Design

This bottomless portafilter is simple to scrub, detachable, and straightforward to make use of. Will probably be one of many important Gaggia equipment.



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