Folgers Classic Roast Filter Packs

  • Folgers Filter Packs are the proper workplace espresso answer, with premeasured espresso and filter mixed in a single pouch there isn’t a measuring wanted.


Folgers Classic Roast Filter Packs, Premeasured Ground Coffee and Filter in a Single Pouch, 4 Boxes 160 Count

      • Folgers delivers high quality in each pot by bringing you the very best Mountain Grown taste that’s easy and constant in this easy-to-use, no-mess filter pack
      • Every field comprises 4 resealable luggage of 10 filter packs
      • 1 filter pack = 1 pot of espresso = 8-10 cups, to be used in business brewers
      • Please the espresso drinkers in your office by offering the espresso model they’ve come to know and belief for greater than 150 years



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