Filter coffee maker BOSCH TKA3A034 Network

Filter coffee maker BOSCH TKA3A034 Network

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  • Capacity (Cup): 8-12 cups
  • Certification: CE
  • Function: Cafe American
  • Type: Pod Coffee Maker
  • Housing Material: Other

Filter coffee maker BOSCHTKA 3A034Network

Enjoy to coffee maker compact and functional with many amenities to give you your coffee at any time without mess and occupying little space. Has 1100 w power and automatic power-off system that keeps your coffee always heated to give you of the quando want. In addition, your system drip allows the coffee is always clean and has compartments for save cord and handle so you are always everything in its place without taking up extra space. The lines simple and elegant this coffee maker makes lace in any space. To coffee maker exceptional with quality guarantee from Bosch.


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