EVERIE Sliding Roller Tray Compatible with Coffee Makers

  • Rolling tray is appropriate with heavy kitchen home equipment comparable to stand mixer, espresso maker, blenders, Espresso machines and many others.


EVERIE Sliding Roller Tray Compatible with Coffee Makers, Stand Mixers, Air Fryers, Under Cabinet Over Counter high, 14.9” wide by 11.8” deep by 1.2” high

  • Simple to maneuver the equipment on counter high so opening lids would not battle the cupboard
  • No extra brewing steam warps or stains cupboards due to its skill to maneuver steaming home equipment away from below cupboards.
  • Not a ache to refill water to the tank or reservoir for heavy brewers.
  • Ergonomic design of the button to launch the brake and transfer it. Rolling wheels are made for sturdiness. Tray dimension is 15 inches wide by 12.2 inches deep. Max weight capability is 30 lbs. It shares the identical video because the samller tray which tells a distinct dimension. Please ingore that dimension data.


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