Espresso Machine DELONGHI CE 146 BLACK

Espresso Machine DELONGHI CE 146 BLACK

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  • Capacity (Cup): 4-6 cups
  • Certification: CE
  • Function: ESPRESSO
  • Type: Drip Coffee Maker
  • Housing Material: Aluminum

To coffee maker quality manufactured by Delonghi for you to prepare your cafes with comodidady quickly. You can develop an espresso or cappuccino with the quality and the best cafeterias but in your home. It has automatic shut off vaporizer to prepare sparkling cappuccinos and possibilidad develop two coffees at eleven. Convenient, quick and high quality.


  • Stainless steel kettle
  • Tank 1 L capacity
  • System self-filling for the machine is always ready for use
  • “Cappuccino”: mix steam, air and milk, producing a rich and creamy foam to get to cappuccino Super
  • Expulsion adjustable steam
  • 2 separate thermostats: one for water temperature and another for the steam
  • Support filter ground coffee
  • 2 Filters: for one or two cups
  • Detachable tray
  • Drip stop


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