Espresso Machine and Conical Coffee Grinder Bundle – Elevate Your Coffee Experience

Perfect Espresso Every Time: The Espresso Machine is equipped with a 15-Bar Italian pump, ensuring that you get the perfect amount of pressure for optimum flavor extraction. It creates a beautiful layer of crema on your espresso, giving you a taste that rivals your favorite coffee shop.

Upgrade your coffee game with the SHARDOR Espresso Machine and Conical Coffee Grinder Bundle. Experience the delight of perfect espresso with the 15-Bar Italian pump, which guarantees optimal flavor extraction and a luscious crema layer. The manual steam wand lets you froth milk to create rich, creamy foam and even try your hand at latte art.

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Milk Frother and Latte Art: With a manual steam wand, this espresso machine allows you to create rich, creamy froth and even try your hand at latte art. You can now enjoy lattes and cappuccinos with a cafe-quality frothy topping, all from the comfort of your home.

15-Bar Italian pump delivers the correct quantity of strain for optimum taste extraction and produces a attractive layer of Crema on your Espresso.

Handbook steam wand can create wealthy creamy froth and latte artwork. Create a wealthy, creamy froth of evenly drinks simply the best way you want. Make scrumptious foamy creamer on your drink at house with no journey to cafe, with your personal espresso machine.

Customized Coffee Grinds: The included Conical Coffee Grinder offers 35 different grind options, ranging from fine for espresso to coarse for French press. This allows you to customize your coffee brewing to perfection, ensuring that every cup is tailored to your preferences.

Select from 35 totally different grind choices from high-quality for espresso to coarse for french press on your personalized brewing technique.

The espresso machine options auto descaling and auto full cleansing perform.


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