Elite Gourmet Automatic Brew & Drip Coffee Maker – 5 Cup Capacity with Pause N Serve, Reusable Filter, and Water Level Indicator

The perfect coffee companion! This coffee maker’s simplicity and functionality make every morning a delight. The reusable filter and Pause ‘N Serve feature are game-changers. A must-have for coffee enthusiasts!

Start your mornings right with the Elite Gourmet EHC9420 Automatic Brew & Drip Coffee Maker. Ideal for individuals or small groups, this 5-cup coffee maker ensures a perfect brew every time.

The Pause ‘N Serve feature lets you grab a quick cup in the midst of brewing, and with a reusable filter, it’s an eco-friendly choice that simplifies your coffee routine.

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β˜• Semi-Transparent Water Reservoir: Keep an eye on your water levels with the semi-transparent reservoir that holds up to 5 cups. The level indicator ensures you always have enough water for that perfect brew, avoiding any interruptions to your coffee ritual.

🍡 5 Cup Glass Carafe: Brew just the right amount for yourself or a small group with the 5-cup glass carafe. It’s the perfect size to enjoy fresh, hot coffee without any waste.

⏸️ Pause ‘N Serve Feature: Running low on time? The Pause ‘N Serve feature allows you to sneak a cup of coffee in the middle of brewing. No need to wait; enjoy your coffee fix whenever you need it.

πŸ”„ Reusable Filter: Say goodbye to paper cone filters and hello to an environmentally friendly option. The swing-out basket with a reusable filter not only reduces additional costs but also minimizes your ecological footprint.

🎚️ Simple On/Off Switch: No complicated settings here! The coffee maker features a straightforward On/Off switch with a Power Indicator Light. It’s easy to operate, ensuring a hassle-free brewing experience every time.

🌐 Perfect for Any Setting: Whether it’s your kitchen, office, or a small gathering, the Elite Gourmet coffee maker fits seamlessly into any setting. Enjoy the convenience and aroma of freshly brewed coffee wherever you are.

⏲️ No Programming Needed: Forget about complicated programming or settings. This coffee maker simplifies your morning routine with its straightforward functionality. Just press the button, and you’re on your way to a delightful cup of coffee.

πŸ’‘ Efficiency and Affordability: The Elite Gourmet EHC9420 offers efficiency without compromising quality. Enjoy a cost-effective and energy-efficient coffee maker that delivers a consistent and delightful brew, cup after cup.

Feature Specification
Water Reservoir Semi-transparent, 5 cups capacity, level indicator
Carafe 5-cup glass carafe
Pause ‘N Serve Yes, for quick coffee fixes during brewing
Reusable Filter Swing-out basket with eco-friendly filter
Switch Simple On/Off switch with Power Indicator Light
Setting No special programming or complicated settings
Versatility Ideal for individuals, small groups, kitchen, office
Eco-Friendly Reduces waste with reusable filter


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