Electric Coffee Mug Warmer for Home/Office Use

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Electric Coffee Mug Warmer for Home/Office Use, Pyroceram Plate and Metal Shell, Waterproof Mug Warmer For Warming Beverages/Water, such as Coffee, Milk, Tea, Cocoa, Soup, Golden Brown, KieVie

  • This espresso mug hotter is reasonable for keeping warm espresso, tea, drain, soup, strong oil, flavors, sauces, infant sustenance or a little food.The mug hotter likewise can be utilized as a light wax hotter plate.
  • Certified control supply line with on-off switch, American standard attachment, 1.5 m long. The mug radiator can be utilized for home, office, bistros, eateries and that’s just the beginning. Appropriate for wherever where there is an electrical plug. The warming impact is far superior than USB warmer.
  • Waterproof mug hotter made of pyroceram plate and aluminum combination shell. Its most noteworthy working temperature is 145℃, keeps the fluid temperature high at 40~60℃
  • Ultra-thin, sensitive and safe outline, low power utilization (18w in control & 160mA in current). The extent of the espresso mug hotter is : 17mm top to bottom, 115mm in diameter.
  • Optional hues: dark or brilliant darker. A fabulous present for companions or family, it is an incredible present for the general population who are delicate to cold

Use Instruction:

  • This is a gadget for the most part keeping fluid/refreshment warm, it can keep fluid temperature at 40-60℃.
  • Nonetheless it is additionally can be utilized for warming fluid from cool to warm (can’t bubble) in the event that you don’t have a stove or cooker, in the event that you require it to warm it to 40-60 degree, it must have enough time.
  • For illustrations : It takes around 20-30 minutes to warm high up to 40℃ in the event that you utilize room temperature fluid, it will take longer if the fluid is icy.

Warming impact depends on:

  • •The contact zone between the vessel and the hotter pyroceram surface;
  • •The thickness of the vessel base;
  • •The material utilized on the vessel too.
  • For best outcomes, it is prescribed to utilize stainless steel, earthenware or glass vessel with a thin or level base.

Safety tips:

  • • Please DO NOT touch the pyroceram surface while it is working or as of late fueled; KEEP OUT REACH OF CHILDREN ;
  • •Wipe off the fluid instantly in the event that it spills, DO NOT wash the glass hotter in water;
  • •Long time of non-utilize, unplug or kill the power switch before taking off;
  • •Non-experts DO NOT open the shell of the gadget.
  • •Insert the fitting of the warm protection base into an AC220V/AC110V control supply attachment.

The guarantee period is one year under ordinary utilize. Any issues please get in touch with us. Much obliged to you for your kind consideration. All the best to you.


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