DL-KF6001 Donlim espresso italian cafe machine

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DL-KF6001 Donlim espresso italian cafe machine household pump steam coffee maker 20Bar 1.5L 110-220-240v. 
1,Various sorts of Cappuccino2,scald-proof, simple to clean

3,professional warming container territory

4,detachable water-containing plate

5,specialized water stockpiling kettle utilizing 20bar high weight extration innovation to keep steady weight and water temperature that is served, best case scenario espresso temperature

DL-KF6001 Donlim espresso italian cafe machine Best Price Review

6,instant warming kettle

7,strong and fragrant Espresso self-loader espresso machine

8,The press of impeccable espresso machine ≥9bar

9,It is anything but difficult to remove espresso under 20bar high weight.

10,triple insurance

11,absolute security

12,automatic temperature control insurance framework

13,overheating insurance framework without running dry

14,automatic weight calming gadget

15,making impeccable drain froth

16,imported 20Bar high weight pump

17,dual temperature controlor that is exact in temperature control

18,two indoor regulators controlling temperature in each progression to separate sweet and fragrant espresso

Additional information

Capacity (Cup)

11-16 cups

Voltage (V)


Housing Material

Stainless Steel

Power (W)





Espresso Coffee Maker

Brand Name

Pink Bunny

Model Number





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