Descaling Solution Coffee Maker Cleaner – Simple All Natural 8 Uses Per Bottle

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  •  8+ Uses Per Bottle – No other descaler cleaning solution comes close, that is how powerful HaleFresh’s descaling solution is.
  • Made In The USA – Each bottle of HaleFresh’s descaling solution is proudly made right here in the USA
  • Works on all Machines – Our universal solution works with Keurig, Sauce, Gaggia, Ninja, Nespresso, Breville, Cuisinart and more
  • Improves machine longevity – Our decalcifier removes unwanted calcium and mineral deposits that build up over time and affect your coffee’s taste
  • Quick and Odorless – Quick to use with no smell or taste leftover. For the best results use the solution every 6-8 weeks. This will vary depending on the calcium/mineral content in your water.
What is Descaling You Ask?
Descaling a coffee maker is the process of removing mineral buildup that accumulates in your machine over time. Because the heating elements in your machine cannot be seen, months and months of mineral buildup can exist without you even knowing.

If you do not descale your coffee maker the mineral scale buildup will have a very negative impact on your machine. If the water cannot reach the optimal brewing temperature, it will be impossible to extract the full flavor from your coffee beans. Also, the mineral scale buildup can clog the water flow and will eventually cause your machine to stop working if not removed. Not descaling your coffee maker can also cause your coffee to not be hot enough to enjoy.

HaleFresh All Natural Descaling Solution is 16 fl. Oz with 8+ uses per bottle. No other descaling solution on the market has that many uses! The powerful solution is proudly made in the USA and is a universal product that will work on all coffee machines, like Keurig, Ninja, Nespresso and more. HaleFresh Descaling Solution will help to improve your coffee’s taste, as well as increase the life of your machine. The easy to use solution will bring new life to your old coffee maker while helping you brew the best cup of coffee possible.


Distilled or RO water is recommended, but not required, for the cleaning cycle.
1 – Remove cap from 1oz chamber ONLY and squeeze bottle to fill to 1oz line
2 – Pour 2, 1oz doses in machine reservoir, and fill to Max line with cold water. You may find that you only a single 1oz dose.
3 – If your machine has a filter and/or coffee pod remove them
4 – Brew entire reservoir through machine, regardless of machine type, and discard water
5 – Fill reservoir to Max line with cold water and brew through machine again. Repeat this process TWICE
6 – Your machine is now ready to use. Repeat every 6-8 weeks, or as needed.

Descaling Solution Coffee Maker Cleaner – Simple All Natural 8 Uses Per Bottle – Universal for Keurig, Ninja, Nespresso, Gagia, Mr Coffee, and Drip, Coffee and Espresso Machines

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