Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser – Quench Thirst with Ease in Your Café or Restaurant

With a generous 4-gallon capacity, this oval cylinder dispenser is not just a container; it’s a reliable companion for establishments that prioritize efficient and continuous tea dispensing. The sump dispense valve ensures every drop of tea is fully dispensed, minimizing waste and maximizing customer satisfaction.

The dispenser’s oval shape, labeled faucet handles for “sweetened” and “unsweetened,” and offset handles for side-by-side positioning make it a practical choice for those using BUNN TB3 series iced tea brewers. Embrace a streamlined and efficient beverage service with this NSF-approved dispenser, standing at dimensions of 19″H x 10.7″W x 13.7″D.

Effortless Tea Dispensing: ☕ The Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser is designed for establishments where efficiency matters. Dispense tea effortlessly with the sump dispense valve, ensuring a smooth and complete pouring experience.

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Ideal for Cafés and Restaurants: 🏞️ Cater to the thirst of your patrons with ease. This dispenser is an ideal addition to cafes and restaurants that want to offer a variety of iced tea options with a generous 4-gallon capacity.

Solid Lid for Freshness: 🌬️ Keep your iced tea fresh with the solid lid feature. The Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser ensures that your beverages remain at their best, ready to refresh your customers with every pour.

Labeled Faucet Handles: 🏷️ Convenience at your fingertips! The dispenser comes with faucet handles clearly labeled “sweetened” and “unsweetened,” streamlining the beverage service process and avoiding any mix-ups.

Oval Shape for Practicality: ⭕ The oval shape of the dispenser adds a touch of practicality to its design. It allows for a more efficient side-by-side positioning, making it easier to integrate into your beverage service setup.

Offset Handles for Closer Placement: 👥 Streamline your workspace with offset handles. Designed for closer side-by-side positioning, these handles contribute to an organized and efficient serving area.

Designed for BUNN TB3 Series Brewers: 🌐 For those already utilizing BUNN TB3 series iced tea brewers, this dispenser is a perfect match. It ensures compatibility and seamless integration into your existing brewing setup.

Dimensions for Space Optimization: 📐 With dimensions of 19″H x 10.7″W x 13.7″D, this dispenser is crafted with space optimization in mind. Fit it into your beverage service area without compromising valuable space.

NSF Approved for Quality: ✅ Quality assurance is paramount. The NSF approval of this dispenser attests to its compliance with rigorous standards, ensuring you invest in a product that meets the highest quality benchmarks.

Feature Details
Dispenser Type Oval Cylinder Iced Tea Dispenser with Solid Lid
Capacity 4 Gallons
Dispense Valve Sump Dispense Valve for Full Pouring
Faucet Handles Labeled “Sweetened” and “Unsweetened”
Handles Offset Handles for Closer Side-by-Side Placement
Compatibility For Use with BUNN TB3 Series Iced Tea Brewers
Dimensions 19″H x 10.7″W x 13.7″D
Ideal Use Cafés, Restaurants, Beverage Service Areas
Certification NSF Approved for Quality Assurance

Investing in the Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser is a decision that aligns with a commitment to efficient beverage service and customer satisfaction. With features like the sump dispense valve for effortless pouring, solid lid for freshness, and labeled faucet handles for convenience, this dispenser caters to the unique needs of cafes and restaurants.

The oval shape, offset handles, and compatibility with BUNN TB3 series brewers make it a practical choice for businesses aiming for a streamlined and organized beverage service. With a generous 4-gallon capacity, this dispenser ensures a continuous flow of iced tea to quench the thirst of your patrons.

The NSF approval attests to the dispenser’s quality and compliance with industry standards. Elevate your beverage service with the Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser – where efficiency meets refreshment.


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