Cold Drip Iced Coffee Maker Wooden


* Made of high borosilicate glass, high temperature safe

* Easy for utilize, simple for clean

* Using ice or icy water and takes 6~12hours for extraction

* Long time low temperature extraction, can be put away for quite a while

* Line shape wonderful, appropriate for singular families, yet in addition as an awesome present for your companions, relatives

* Make your own particular interesting flavor espresso and taste the wine of espresso

* Producing superb espresso for your own particular taste and fragrance, make the most of your espresso time


Step 1. Put the stainless steel channel sheet into the center jug.

Step 2. Empty 40g espresso powder into the center jug.

Step 3. Utilize 40mL icy water to drench the espresso powder.

Step 4. Cover a layer of channel paper on the espresso powder to make the water beads more uniform.

Step 5. Close the channel valve controller before pouring water and ice 3D shapes.

Step 6. Pour ice 3D shapes and water, the ice water is a sum of 400g.

Step 7. Modify the channel controller valve, can be set to 7 drop at regular intervals.

Step 8. Cover the top.

Step 9.After the finish of the channel, expel the water drop part

Step 10.Cover the fixed cover, put the espresso pot into cooler, chilly stockpiling, it can be kept for seven days. it can be kept for seven days.


Cold Drip Iced Coffee Maker Espresso Brew Dutch Machine 600ml 6 Cups Glass Pot Jug Wooden Tower Home Kitchen Coffee Tool Supplies.


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