Coffee maker Power Matic-ccino 7000 Series Nera

Coffee maker Power Matic-ccino 7000 Series Nera

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Power Matic-ccino 7000 Series Nera Coffee Superautomtica milling caf with depsito of milk. Digital display. Prepares Cappuccino with solo Press to botn. Caf fully Customizable. Technology ForceAroma 19 bars pressure. Power Matic-ccino 7000 Cecotec.

Coffee maker superautomtica system Plug & Play that allows prepare all kinds of hot drinks shape automtica with slo push to botn. Prepares to Cappuccino with all its aroma by pressing one solo botn. System AllCappuccino prepared itself lattes and cappuccinos aadiendo automticamente both the caf milk or foam in the exact quantity directly to the Cup. Fits All tastes thanks to the system Custom4You adjustments fully customizable for the intensity and aroma, temperature, volume, time espumacin milk and water hardness. The caf higher quality Best price: prepares caf always perfect without relying on cpsulas thanks to its depsito 250g for caf in bead with cover to better preserve the aroma and grinder cermico integrated with seleccin 5 level ground. Includes depsito milk Full Latte 400 ml capacity as an accessory that connects to the coffee pot and that also you can save in the fridge. Technology ForceAroma pump de19 bars pressure to get the best cream and mximo aroma. Perfect results preparing caf American espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot milk or infuser water in such solo to few seconds. Heating system Thermoblock, which facilitates heating ms quick and homogneo water. Digital checkpoint Panel with LCD display highly intuitive and very fcil to use. Memorize your parmetros to prepare the caf always fashion ms fcil and cmoda. Allows cafs caf ground thanks to depsito extra independent monodoses. Tray heated-cups that allows highlight a ms aroma, cream and intensity caf by avoiding the contrasts trmicos. System AlwaysClean cleaning always keep about to the coffee maker, allowing select water hardness. Depsito water removable with 1,7 litre capacity. Diseo beware lneas elegant fits any environment Output for the caf adjustable height from 10,5 cm to 15 cm to fit both to the cups espresso as large or breakfast cups 1400 W power. Drip tray removable for easy cleaning and system flotacin filling indicator. Measurements: 45 cm deep. 27 cm long. 35,5 cm tall. 10,9Kg.


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